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Rope Host is one of the most popular web hosting providers. Its services include VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting. Along with this, Rope Host offers SSL certificates, offshore servers, dedicated servers, domain names, registration services and also web design services.

Rope Host guarantees a 100% uptime and speedy Web Hosting. Rope Host uses the latest Intel certified hardware and utilizes a cloud-based network that aids in providing quick service to its clients. Rope Host takes special care with this and uses certified hardware with Tier 3 certified data centre.

The cloud-based infrastructure plays a vital role in offering a 100% uptime web hosting experience.

Most web hosting sites do not allow upgrades or downgrades from a package but with Rope Host you will be able to change the package whenever you need it.

This increases flexibility, as well as clients, can switch anytime they want and according to their need. Rope Host considers customer caring as an asset and they allow customization of packages according to the needs of their clients’ needs and demands. They also work out great web hosting packages that will work for everyone.

The use of intel hardware is reliable enough but to further increase reliability they use multiple networks and failover network structure.

The Rope Hosting packages begin from a very nominal $3.95 a month with great features including Unlimited emails and backups and unlimited domains and databases. Along with this, the bandwidth is 5 TB and storage 5 GB.

This just the starter pack and this goes till the elite pack which offers 20 TB bandwidth and 20 GB storage. This also comes with unlimited emails and database as well as unlimited domains and daily backups. You can get this elite package in $ 9.95 a month.

If the starter pack is too little and the elite pack is too much then you can settle for the Advance pack that costs $6.95 a month. This offers 10 TB bandwidth, 10 GB storage along with unlimited emails and domains.

The support team of Rope Host is a dedicated team of professionals who work their hardest to improve their product quality and help their struggling customers. The support department works 24/7/365 and will be available anytime.

The support team are skilled people, experts in web hosting who will guide you brilliantly and timely as you approach them at the support center.


* 100% uptime guaranteed
* Great Customer Care
* Starts from $3.95 only
* Very affordable


* No free trial.


Rope Host is a good web hosting service provider that offers many features under a single package. In a nominal price per month, you get access to unlimited domains, emails and database. The bandwidth and storage are also a good number. For small businesses and companies, this is a great opportunity to increase their reach and access more customers. Rope Host is also quite affordable for small businesses.