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For those looking for full or part time “flex” work, is a great resource. The site features remote jobs from anywhere in the US, in numerous categories. There are both employee and freelance jobs, on-site jobs with flexible alternatives, and opportunity to work from home (remote) and come to the office a few times a week.

Job applicants can find careers in

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Administrative work
  • Event planning
  • Research
  • Retail, and several other categories.

There are over 50 total job categories from which you can search for jobs, finding the best fit for your work and life situation. This is great for employees seeking out work.

The not so good…

Employers pay a fee to use the service. And yes, you can vet out jobs and include different guidelines, but anyone can apply. And, there are no refunds if you don’t get the right candidate or aren’t happy with the outcome. It’s like other job posting sites; you pay for a duration until you find the right candidate. This, however, might never happen.

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Credit Repairs and Debt Relief Affiliate Programs is a credit repair and debt settlement team that can work with you if you are having issues repaying your debts. The debt and credit experts will help negotiate your debts with creditors, stop collection calls, stop the late penalties and fees you’re paying, reduce interest rates, and help consolidate your total debt amount.

What does this mean? You’ll find that with the help of you are

  • Paying less each month for all open lines of credit owed
  • You’re paying money towards the interest by reducing/eliminating interest rates
  • You aren’t paying late penalties so you’re paying down on the principle.

Most importantly, you’re going to see that your credit score is going to start to rise, as soon as you begin making payments, and start bringing down your total debt amount.

If you can’t get creditors off your back, can work with you to consolidate your debts, and help you repay them in less time, and for less than you actually owe.

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If you have bad credit, it’s virtually impossible to get a loan through a bank; and, depending on how bad your credit score is, some lenders won’t even speak with you. can help where you otherwise couldn’t get a loan and need instant cash for any reason.

How does work? You visit the site and

  • Request a loan, there’s no cost to try, so even if you’re denied it’s worth applying
  • Find responsible lending solutions and different amounts for your loan
  • Receive online security and privacy so your financial and personal information are safe

What’s required to apply for a loan? Applicants must be 18 years of age, with a full time job/income, they must provide an email address, home phone number, and home address. The bank account where you’d like to have funds deposited into must also be provided. Although the APR is a little higher than traditional bank loans, if you’ve been rejected everywhere else, and need quick cash, can help you in a bind.

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Need money? Need it quickly? can help! The application process is simple. Using 256-encryption information, you’ll fill out the short questionnaire (your information is protected), lenders will look at your application, and you’ll receive an APR based on your credit. You’re instantly connected to lenders who can extend you a loan offer, even if you have less than stellar credit.

Regardless of your credit type, you can apply and be approved for a loan with In addition to traditional loans, you’ll also learn about some lines of credit if you aren’t approved for a loan. This is a great option if you need quick cash, until your next payday, and aren’t going to be approved for a traditional loan.

No matter how bad your credit looks or why you need the cash, quick and instant approvals are instantly deposited into your bank account when you’re approved for your cash loan with

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Your one stop money shop is awaiting your online application at You can apply for payday loans, same day cash loans, title loans, or a line of credit loan. Who’s going to benefit from this site?

  • Bad credit borrowers
  • Those who need quick cash and can’t wait for a traditional lender
  • If you need a short loan you can repay quickly
  • Anyone who wouldn’t be approved for a loan due to a low credit score or other variables

In addition to loans, the site also offers

  • Check cashing services (your paycheck, government checks, etc)
  • Cash advances
  • Bill pay assistance

You can apply from your phone or the online site on your desktop. The application process takes a couple of minutes to complete, and you’ll typically have your results within 24 hours.

If you’re ready to get started you can apply directly at or find an online location by entering your zip code and apply in person.

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If you haven’t checked your credit score in months only to find when you do check it that it’s well below what it previously was, can help you with the repair of that score. You need to know what is on your credit score. Otherwise, you are going to see it drop significantly. With the help of, you can instantly

  • Remove inaccurate information
  • Update addresses and other personal information
  • Manage debt
  • Remove people from your score (ex-spouse)
  • Check multiple systems
  • Check for identity theft, bank liens, and other possible errors

No matter what is wrong on your report, the team will work to have it removed. And, if you simply haven’t paid your loans and credit cards on time, can help as well. By negotiating with your creditors on your behalf, they’ll work to reduce the total amount you owe. So, you can pay it off in less time, and see your score start to take an upward trend.

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If your credit score is lower than you’d like, can help you repair it. The site offers customers the option to call in for a 10 minute evaluation or to review their report online. You can check your score for:

  • Errors and inconsistencies
  • Closed or delinquent accounts
  • Accounts which were fraudulently opened
  • Other lines of credit which aren’t open any more

Any small errors in your credit report can really lower your score. But, a major error, can really cause it to take a downward fall. With you can find those errors, and learn about the best ways to go about repairing your low score. You can see your score start to rise immediately with the help of the credit specialists at and their negotiation services. Pay down lines of credit, credit cards, and in about 6 months time, the site guarantees you score will look much better, so you can start applying for new lines of credit if necessary.

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Since 2000, has been a leader in debt consolidation and debt repair services for borrowers who have less than stellar credit score. If you have had issues in the past repaying loans or credit cards or are always late on payments, this will significantly impact your score. Or, if your kids took out a card in your name and never paid it, this is still lingering on your credit score.

You want to remove these, and other inconsistencies and errors. With the help of the debt specialists at, you can do this. Furthermore, they will work with:

  • Debt settlement relief options
  • Tax relief issues and assistance
  • Negotiation and loan consolidation services

If you have too much debt you can’t pay, the team of debt experts will analyze your report and work with you to come up with options that work for you, so you can reclaim your credit and rebuild it in less time.

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Need a loan? Bank turned you down? is a quick and easy solution for virtually any type of loan you need.

Applicants can apply for:

  • Payday loans
  • Same day cash loans
  • Installment loans
  • Personal loans (up to $15K for some borrowers)
  • No credit check and bad credit loans

If you need fast cash, gain access to up to $1000 the same day. Or, apply for a personal loan of up to $5K to $15K to pay for a vacation, a new car, or a larger purchase you’ve been planning to make for some time.

Most loans are approved, regardless of personal credit history. The application process is quick and easy and applicants can complete it online. Simply provide your address, phone number, work information, and bank account to have the funds deposited. Funds will be repaid when you receive your next paycheck.

Visit to find out more about same day, a cash loan, bad credit loans, or any other installment loan you need to borrow, when you have been denied by banks or private lenders.

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LexingtonLaw is a trusted leader in credit repair. You want to apply for a mortgage, or buy a new car, or just take out student loans to go back to school. For these, and other big loans you want to apply for, you’re going to need a solid line of credit. If you don’t have it, LexingtonLaw can help you rebuild it with their team of specialists and negotiation tactics.

LexingtonLaw specialists will first perform a full analysis of your report and score, to go through to find errors or inconsistencies. From there, the team will change your addresses, update information, and work with the credit bureaus, to make sure all of your information is accurate, as these inaccuracies can be hurting your score. Finally, the specialists at LexingtonLaw will accelerate the credit repair process. How? By going in on your behalf and negotiating with your creditors.

In turn, you’ll pay less than you actually owe, and in a short period of time, you’ll see your score take an upward turn.

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If you need a personal loan or line of credit, can help you with instant approval on the site. When you visit the site, you can check your ability to apply for loans, and choose from as low as $1K, up to $35K if you need to make a major purchase.

The loan process is simple. You just input your email address and you’ll receive the application form. The site will then seek out lenders on your behalf, and interest rates will fluctuate from 5.99% up to 35.99%. You’ll work with the site to find the best terms, repayment rates, and the lowest interest, for the loans you’d like to take out. There are repayment options from 90 days, up to 72 months for the larger loan amounts you plan on taking out.

If you don’t have stellar credit and can’t get a bank loan, or if you just can’t wait for a traditional lender to approve you, can help you with the loan terms you need. By seeking out the best lenders on your behalf, you’ll pay less in interest over the duration of the loan, plus you’ll have instant access to cash you otherwise wouldn’t be approved for through traditional lenders.

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If your identity is lost or stolen, you want to reclaim it. not only protects your identity by monitoring your online action and activities, but also helps you reclaim it if it is stolen. With the black web, it’s impossible for you to monitor all online activity. And, cyber criminals are smarter than ever in the past. So, they can easily gain access to your personal information, and use it for wrong. will stop that in its tracks. You’ll be alerted to:

  • Possible fraud
  • Alerts if there are inconsistencies in your reports
  • Fighting online crime
  • Helping you reclaim your identity if it is stolen

With the help of you can also monitor cyber bullying and protect your spouse and children’s information as well. So, you are safe, as is your family, and you have greater peace of mind in knowing your personal identity is secure with monitoring offered by Identity Force.

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eCommerce Affiliate Programs

Focused primarily on creation of multimedia, offers a wide range of products for its users, both in the business and personal realm.

What does offer?

Some of the popular programs you’ll utilize with Adobe are

  • Adobe Cloud
  • Photoshop
  • Acrobat Reader

What are the uses?

Most people utilizing Adobe are for graphic design purposes. It helps with creation of 2D animations, film editing, motion graphics, recording, mixing, and other cinematic effects. With photoshop, you can also edit, crop, and recreate images, to magnify it at the highest light/appearance.

The bad

Adobe is lacking in a few areas, primarily in publishing and subscriptions. You can’t work on books, newspapers, catalogs, nor does it offer campaign management or circulation options. So, it’s more geared towards online media, versus print media.

The good

Adobe’s been around for years, is a reputable company, and offers multiple platforms. Their pricing also starts as low as $9.99, although this lower end is quite limited in use. It’s a trusted platform, with many products, and online support.

Signup Here is a leading online e commerce site offering online stores great scalability in building their site. SEO, built-in sales tools, and multi-channel integration, are a few of the features you can use when building your site. It does offer a free trial and plans start at $29.95.

The pros & cons

So, what are some of the best features when building an e commerce site with them?

1. You can integrate social media and other channels
2. It’s scalable for your business needs/size
3. There are more built-in options than competitors
4. SEO tools are fantastic

What’s not so good? Some of the cons include

1. Advanced features reduce ease of use and setup
2. For beginners, the terminology is a bit advanced
3. Free trial is extremely limited and you have to pay to get anything good from the site

Ultimately, it’s worth trying out the free trial, but there are other platforms which might offer greater integration at least for beginners.

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Rated as one of the best e commerce development platforms, is an easy drag and drop e commerce site builder, allowing businesses to grow, build beautiful online storefronts, and integrate several apps for online payment, shopping, and on the go use.


Building your e commerce site with allows you to use their many great features including

1. Scalable design for every sized e commerce business
2. App integration for shoppers on mobile and desktop to use
3. Sales tools
4. Over 100 payment gateways
5. Abandoned cart recovery
6. Multi-channel integration (tie in social media and other platforms)

The Bad

Probably the biggest complaint by users are the fees ties in, which aren’t laid out when you sign up. Additionally, some drawbacks of using the e commerce builder are

1. Only 10 free themes
2. Upgrading to more themes will run in excess of $140
3. App prices add up quickly

Although it’s one of the highest rated e commerce builders, it comes at a price (and a steep one at that), so watch out for fees and build away.

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eLearning Affiliate Programs is a learning management system. It’s great for institutions like universities, high school, or even private instructors anywhere. The online system allows users to utilize the portal to

  • Integrate information/instruction to students online
  • Utilize blended learning
  • Gaming

And, easily build courses online utilizing WordPress.

Generate Income off your Teachings

This is a great platform at about $159 per year, allowing you to build and deploy your instruction to students. Or, you can turn around and sell your instruction through your website or third party sites. The drag and drop editor make it easy to build, implement, and design courses you can easily manipulate for your audience.

There are, however, some areas the platform can improve, which includes

  • Improved CEU training
  • Better learning management systems
  • Increase design features to conform instruction for different students/ages

For a reasonable price, you can develop a great course for resale. Whether you’re a great instructor, pianist, or want to sell your curriculum to large institutions, you can create using and resell your program materials online.

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For instructors, teachers, and specialists in their field, selling an online course is a great way to teach and reach a larger audience than you otherwise could in your local community. lets you build online courses and resell them online.

The program can be used for

  • Training purposes in employment
  • Higher education
  • Specialized training
  • Documentation
  • Online tutorials

It’s available for use on all browsers, and features mobile integration tools so students can watch instruction on a desktop or mobile device.

You can integrate multiple third party sites from

  • Shopify
  • Stripe
  • Zendesk
  • Mailchimp and others

This allows you to create email lists, allow people to pay online, or otherwise share your course/instruction through multiple channels.

There are features including

  • Online activity grading (so students can track progress)
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Course certification
  • New category integration and others

Whether you’re a college trying to improve the way students learn, or an employer looking for an integrative training approach in multiple locations, lets you build courses which can be viewed and utilized by multiple people/students, virtually anywhere.

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Podcast hosting, distribution, and analytics of how well your podcasts are doing in one place? Is it possible? With it is.

Plans for Podcasters

One of the first things that jumps out is that Simplecast doesn’t have a free plan, the tiers are

  • Basic ($15/month)
  • Essential ($35/month)
  • Growth ($85/month)

All tiers offer unlimited storage, uploads, distribution to platforms, themed websites, analytics from listeners, and RSS feeds. You either get 1, 3, or 8 support members (based on pricing).

Build your Site

With the site builder you choose colors, themes, designs, elements, and mobile-friendly designs to stream your podcast. All are https (secure) with all three tiers of hosting services.

So… why pay more? At higher tiers you receive

  • More in-depth analytics (really learn what audiences like/dislike)
  • Receive more audience insights
  • Web player insights
  • Podcast retention rates
  • Streaming on all apps
  • No ads run (without your permission)

And one of the primary benefits of tiering-up is the fact that you receive monetization assistance.

If you want to take your podcast from 1000 listeners, to 10 million listeners, it’ll take some time. Simplecast can help develop your audience, analyze stats, and help you in that growth process.

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If you’re a spectacular musician and want to share and teach those talents to the masses, allows you to market and share your courses online. The site allows users to build a themed website for their teachings, partner, market, and share their knowledge online.

Over 68,000 instructors are currently using Teachable to share and stream courses. The site allows for

  • Streaming/sharing to colleges, private students, groups, companies, corporate training, etc.
  • Creating courses with user-friendly interfaces so students can easily grasp concepts
  • Promoting and marketing your teachings (by sharing with big partner/organizations)
  • Creating courses which are fully optimized for desktop and mobile apps (students can learn on the go)

A power editor allows streamers to modify their online teachings, curriculum, and share more in-depth knowledge with students.

For instructors who have invaluable knowledge to share, but can’t get a course off the ground, Teachable can help you plug, market, and share with the masses. It’s a great platform to develop, reach a large audience, and increase profit margins for professional and amateurs alike, who can’t reach a broader demographic on their own, but can offer invaluable materials for those who want to learn in the arena they’re teaching in.

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Create your own brand of educational courses and market them with The powerful online platform is an excellent resource for educators to create their own courses, training, and online solutions for 10 students, 10,000 students, or 10 million students.

The platform allows educators to operate their teaching course or program from the comfort of their home. Using Thinkific for streaming allows creators to

1. Build courses online
2. Develop quizzes, tests, and post them online
3. Create lesson plans, schedules, course modifications, etc.
4. Market and sell courses to others (universities, schools, companies, etc)
5. Offer student support (email, phone, automated progress reports, video chat, etc)

Entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to teach what they are great at, and can help others, can utilize the unparalleled resources Thinkific offers.

If you’re looking for a site to market, share, develop your training/curriculum, build a program, or resell a program for others to use and teach their students, this is a great starting point!

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Podcast Affiliate Programs

Looking to start a podcast, grow your podcast, or share podcasts for business purposes? has the assistance you’re looking for. Here we’ll cover the features, plan options, the good/bad, before you decide to choose them for hosting.


What’s Buzzsprout offer to its customers in terms of features?

  • Listing on all top podcast apps
  • Advanced stats (track who’s listening/where/when, etc.)
  • Podcast site design assistance
  • Transcriptions and podcast automization

The Pros/Cons

What sets Buzzsprout apart from others and what’s not so good with the podcast host? Some of the pros include

  • Free/automatic automation
  • Various tiers/plans to choose from
  • Unlimited support/team members
  • Monetization

How about the drawbacks?

  • No unlimited storage options
  • Monetization assistance isn’t offered
  • Limited features with lower-priced plans

Pricing Options

The prices are as follows


  • $12/month
  • $18/month
  • $24/month plans

At each tier you get: 2 hours, 3 hours, 6, or 12 hours of uploading monthly. Episodes are hosted indefinitely for paid plans, you can import podcasts for free, and receive full customer support with all tiers.

Looking to host, start, or grow a podcast? These are your choices with

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Creating a podcast for profit? Want to share your thoughts online? offers podcast hosting to share your podcasts, on multiple channels.

The plans

Users can choose from

  • The starter plan at $190/year
  • The growth plan at $340/year
  • The pro plan at $490/year

What’s included? With these plans you get unlimited hosting, episodes, one click import, and a personalized podcast site. You also receive in-depth listener analytics, premium subscriptions, and audio podcast hosting. With the growth plan, you also receive Video replenishing to Youtube. With Pro, you get all the above, and video podcast hosting (not just audio).

Worth the Price?

The WordPress plugin is simple to use, drag and drop updates, and repurposed content on multiple streaming sites, are some of the benefits of using the site. Plus, you get in-depth analytics, viewer response, and better ways to monetize your show. If you plan on podcasting for a profit, it might be a worthwhile investment to stream with

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Looking for podcast hosting services? Whether it’s for personal use, business podcasts, or anything in between, has a solution for you.

Hosting Plans

Customers can choose from four-tiers at PodBean which are

  • Free: up to 100 GB bandwidth and 5-hours podcasts free of charge monthly
  • Unlimited Audio: $9/month offering unlimited storage space and unmetered bandwidth each month
  • Unlimited Plus: $29/month features Unlimited storage, bandwidth, support, pro themes, custom designs, and more
  • Business: $99/month includes base features plus multiple admins, channels, SSO authentication, and more

Features of PodBean

Some of the primary benefits you’ll receive, with free hosting and paid-for hosting include

  • Distribution of podcasts
  • Admin and support
  • Promotion
  • Monetization of your podcasts
  • Customizable embedded players
  • SEO friendly designs
  • Pro themes, and more

If you’re looking for professional hosting to broadcast and monetize your podcasts, is the solution. It’s easy to use, offers unlimited support, excellent streaming, and ability to create podcasts in multiple niches to distribute to your audience.

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Rebates, Rewards and Giveaways Affiliate Programs

For busy families, is a great app and site to utilize. If you have to take your child to the dentist at 9 AM, pick up your husband’s car from the mechanic at 2 PM, and take your daughter to band or soccer at 4 PM, it’ll keep track of this, and so much more for you. is a great family app for organization. It will

  • Keep all events and activities in one place, so every family member knows what’s going on, where, and when they have to be there
  • Incorporate grocery lists and share them with your spouse, so whoever gets off work can make the purchases
  • Add recipes, ingredients, or fun crafts you want to try to do with the kids

You can use on your desktop or your mobile devices. Calendars, shopping and to do lists, grocery, family journals and more. Keep in touch, stay connected, and always stay in-the-know with what’s going on with your family with

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Curious about history, sci-fi, architecture, or dinosaurs? You can stream shows and content with about these, and other topics.

What can you watch?

At, you’ll find countless hours of programming in

  • Science
  • Nature
  • Cars
  • Dinosaurs
  • Architecture
  • Oceans and earth studies, and more

Plans are available in 4K, and you can choose $2.99 per month or an annual plan for less than $15. You can stream in HD

  • Stream unlimited hours of shows
  • Watch on your laptop, TV, tablet, or smartphone
  • Worldwide access to the site

And, it offers a free 7 day trial so you can see what’s streaming and what you enjoy before you commit to purchase. You can also cancel at any time if you aren’t pleased with the streaming.

A great feature of is documentaries, and you can hear in-depth analysis and interviews, by creators of the shows. So, you get the background, as well as the content, to paint a picture of your favorite geeky or nerdy content on the web.

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If you make online purchases regularly, why not earn money on what you’re buying? With, you can simply download the app to your phone or use the mobile site, and earn on the items you buy.

With the in-app offer, you not only earn cash back on purchases, you also receive sales and discount exclusives as a member.

How it works

Using to purchase you can earn in stores; just upload a photo of your receipt, and download it to the app, and you’ll receive credit for a purchase. You can also link loyalty accounts. So, if you’re a member of your grocery store’s loyalty account, link it with the app and earn for those purchases. And, you can save online with the app. You’ll receive promos, discounts, and other specials when shopping on certain sites.

There are over 300 retailers from which you’ll currently earn money back, simply for purchasing through the free app. If you shop online regularly, it might be worth downloading for cash back on items you’re already buying.

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Shopping for the holidays? Want to earn cash back on the gifts you’re already buying, at you can! You’ll receive extra cash back incentives shopping with hundreds of online retailers. The site has been offering rebates and incentives for shoppers since 2002. In order to receive cash back, you simply have to register at, and include the details about where you’d like your rebates to go.

How does it work?

When shopping for holiday gifts at, you’ll simply

  • Search for an online retailer
  • If it’s in the database, click on the store name
  • Shop through the Mr. Rebates website
  • See your rebates within 1 to 3 days after making your purchases online

There’s no fee to join, and you’ll start receiving cash back after your first purchase. Once you’ve earned $10 or more in rebates, you can request to have the funds sent to your home/mailing address of choice.

Why not earn cash back on the gifts you’re going to purchase? Shopping through is a simple way to earn higher rewards, and receive cash back with hundreds of online retailers you shop with.

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Love yoga? Don’t have time to attend classes at the gym? With, you don’t need time, you make the time when you’re free.

What does offer?

As a member you can stream over 1300 premium workouts. Additionally, you get

  • Over 40 journey series to help you build
  • Over 40 instructors to choose from
  • A two-week free trial
  • Full body strength workouts

In journey series classes you’ll learn new poses, new styles/types of yoga, and can target certain body parts. There are yoga classes for all levels, from beginner to those who’ve practiced hot yoga for years, and the most advanced practitioner.

You can try out the online streaming site for two-weeks without any obligation. After this, it is a $15 a month fee, and you can cancel at any time if you don’t want to continue, without paying any penalties or early cancellation charges if you aren’t happy with the courses or your development.

Improve mind, body, and spirit, from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, with over 40 spectacular yoga instructors at

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For those who want to follow the Paleo, or caveman diet, is the place to start your journey. Apart from offering resources and guides, you can receive a free starter kit for joining their email list. This will include an e book with recipes, a shopping list, and common FAQ about the Paleo diet, answered for you.

Resources, Tips, e Books

There are items you can purchase on as well. For example, there are e books with weekly guides and tips as you start progressing on the diet. You can also find exercise tips, advice from those who do the diet, as well as resources from field experts. Recipes are designed by certified nutritionists and experts, so they’re fairly easy to follow and healthy.

If you’ve ever wondered about doing the Paleo diet, is a good starting point to have some questions answered, and the free starter kit, can get you kickstarted with a basic program before you do choose to buy anything on the site.

Signup Here is a site which pays you in their virtual currency, swag bucks, for different tasks you complete. For example, you can take online surveys, you can answer a daily poll, or you can earn for shopping through their site. You’ll download the swag app, which allows you to connect to different retailers (eBay, Fanatics, Nike, etc) and whenever you purchase through the app, you earn a percentage back in swag bucks.

How do swag bucks work?

Once you earn a certain level of swag bucks on, you can exchange them for items. You can get Amazon gift cards, PayPal cards, discounts on travel, or other items.

The site does take some time to earn, but if you shop regularly, it’s a good incentive to earn money back. Otherwise, the surveys, polls, and other tasks, do not earn you much and take quite some time for you to earn enough swag bucks to exchange them for items in their store.

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Ad Tracking Affiliate Programs

Track, monitor, analyze, monetize, and refine your affiliate marketing. For affiliate marketers, this is the optimal tracker to find out where you’re getting the greatest returns on affiliate programs/product/services you’re selling on your site or blog.

One platform for managing

On you can manage all your affiliate products on one page. Using an SaaS platform you can minimize fraud and maximize your sales channels and funnels. You can scale your affiliate marketing business, determine which outlets you’re getting the greatest returns from, and conduct complete data analysis on all campaigns.

What can you track?

  • Information from over 160 countries
  • PPC and conversion tracking (sales)
  • Over 100 integrated networks and platforms
  • Split testing
  • Hide and refer funnels

You also have a fraud detector, link trackers, redirect trackers, and more.

In affiliate marketing, you need to optimize the number of sales coming through your affiliate links. will help you figure out where most sales are coming through, and where you should be promoting your affiliate products for sale.

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If you’re familiar with SEM Rush. you might want to consider as an affiliate online marketing platform to earn money. It’s SEMrush’s affiliate program for SEO.

Why join?

SEMrush is one of the most well known platforms for online marketing, analytics, SEM reports, SEO reports, and more., is where you can earn money, as an affiliate, through SEMrush. When you join you get

  • Access to promo materials to add to your blog, website, or other platforms
  • An affiliate link available in five languages so you can sell to multiple people/regions
  • Earn up to 40% commission for recurring customers

Each time someone buys a service/product through SEMrush, using your link, you’re earning.

Great platform, trusted name

If you’ve been hesitant of affiliate marketing before, with SEMrush and, you don’t have to be. SEMrush is one of the most well known analytic sites. So, you’re basically promoting an excellent service on your website or blog, and earning with each sale through

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As an online marketer, understanding where your advertising/marketing dollars are being spent, and where the greatest ROI is coming from, is imperative. With, you can track all your spending, returns, and online ads in one place.

What does it track? tracks virtually everything you’re doing online as a marketer including

  • Bot filtering
  • Link uptime monitoring
  • Split testing
  • Sales funnels
  • Retargeting ads
  • Click-fraud
  • Geotracking, mobile optimization

And, virtually anything else as it relates to your ads, who’s clicking on them, from where, and where possible threats are coming from.

Automate and optimize

Additionally, using the platform marketers can automate new ads to launch, add different features to pop up ads (five options), add countdown timers (don’t miss this deal), and perform traffic analysis, to better target to your audience.

If you want to know how ads are performing, which ones are performing best, and want to fully automate and optimize your marketing/advertising dollars, can help online marketers do just that.

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If you’re an affiliate marketer, when promoting your marketing links, can help you maximize your earning potential based upon the information you’ll learn from the site.

You can easily increase conversion rates, target where your visitors are coming from, track views (clicks and conversions), monitor broken links, fraud, and other issues with your site utilizing

Benefits of

Obviously, understanding where most visitors are coming and converting from, gives you a better idea of how to retarget links and where to add them. But, you also receive information regarding possible fraud, broken links, and can fix these issues immediately. This will help instantly improve SEO rank, and help get your site’s rank higher through organic search engines.

You simply create a track link, use it in ads, and receive real time reports of how those ads/campaigns are fairing, to the customer or audience you are targeting with your ads, product, promotion, or campaign.

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When creating online ads, you obviously want to know how they’re performing after launch. lets you track and analyze the ads you create and deliver to your audience online.

What it tracks

What exactly can you track with

  • Lab stats and reports (SEO, keyword reports, click conversions, revenue metrics, etc)
  • Geo stats (track where people are clicking your ads from
  • If/Then redirects
  • Page and offer rotation and real-time analysis

You can also view campaign dashboards for each ad your company’s utilizing at any time, create line visitor stats, and customize views for your ad revenues and returns. Track mobile usage, your mobile audience and more. Anyone from marketers to affiliates or agencies can benefit from using this platform.


It’s $49/month for CPV Pro. This includes unlimited clicks, tracking, over 30 data points, a lifetime license, 100 custom tracking domains, and several other ad tracking stat and analysis tools to use.

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With, marketers can track the source of every sale they’re making. Whether they’re coming from PPC ads, affiliate links, email campaigns, or a solo ad, the site actively tracks and monitors all links, sales, and conversions.

Improved marketing

With built-in tracking, you learn where all sign ups, sales, and customers came from, so you can retarget future campaigns to the right location. also features built-in fraud monitoring. If there’s suspicious activity, you’re alerted instantly so you can check it out. You’ll learn information about your best customer (actual person profile) so you can determine how to thank them (promos, discounts, sales, etc).

Plans start as low as $29 for a single user, up to $299 a month for large campaigns which can track over 250K clicks per month. It also features built-in A/b tests, team members, affiliate marketing tools, white label reporting, and other features, for the higher priced plans.

No matter how small your operation, can help track, monitor, and detail the information you need, to understand where your sales are coming from.

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If you want to track the quality of your links and monitor link clicks accurately, can help. It will track who’s visiting your site, outbound and inbound links, and where they’re coming from.


Some of the features offers its customers include

  • Real time reposting
  • Unlimited link tracking
  • Alert emails
  • Conversion tracking
  • Auto link deactivation
  • Password protection features
  • IP address location
  • Link changing

There are three plan options, a free, a $6.95 plan and $24.95 month plan. With the higher end plan you receive repostable alerts, offline data, Plus+ tracking, custom domain names, and other features.

It’s available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and is cloud-hosted. Primary customers using the service are small business owners, bloggers, freelancers, and smaller e commerce businesses.

The ability to track links from virtually anywhere, and see detailed graphs of click-information, is an invaluable tool to help companies retarget, brand, and reevaluate their design, and target audience.

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Marketers can greatly benefit from a site like By understanding their links, broken links, conversions, and what’s working vs what isn’t, you can recreate your ad and marketing campaign to increase profit margins.

What you can track

Easily track sales and leads from affiliate links using The platform allows users to

  • Identify the source of conversions
  • Track banner ads, solo ads, pop ups, email ads, and more
  • Intelligent conversion helps prevent duplicate conversion

Furthermore, you can maximize your ROI by learning where most sales are coming from, which ads are working well, and which ones aren’t.

What types of ads are tracked

Virtually any ad you’re spending money on can be tracked with PPC ads, solo ads, email campaigns, and more. You can see which PPC ads are performing well, how much you spend per click, and what the average conversions are.

Avoid overspending, and using ads which aren’t working; will help you maximize your earnings by providing in-depth analysis of the campaigns which work best, so you can focus your efforts in targeting the right audience.

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For companies who want the ultimate in-depth analysis, is it! Know where your site clicks are coming from, where broken 404 links are hidden, if there are broken links and outbound links on your site, how long visitors are staying online, and more.

What does offer?

With this platform you can

  • Create unlimited click trackers
  • Find out where visitors are from
  • Designate 404 page not found tools
  • Assign categories
  • Edit/click trackers, and more

You can choose from script only which is $159, or the installation and script which is $199. With the higher rate, you also receive free bot updates.

Who needs this program?

Those who need/want in-depth analytics. If you want to know exactly who’s coming onto your site, how long they’re there, where they’re visiting from, and anything else in terms of analytics, can help. It’s likely geared more towards analytical minds, rather than those running a general blog for fun or school.

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Track your affiliate marketing performance with If you sell affiliate products, don’t you want to know who’s buying them? Of course. With you can find out

  • Where people are clicking your links from
  • Who’s purchasing
  • Where they’re visiting your site from
  • If you’re monetizing from PPC ads, email ads, banners, pop ups, etc

You can track all type of traffic, data, real-time information, consolidated points, and other invaluable information.

What is It’s a cloud-hosted tracking solution which provides real-time analytics. You receive information regarding the campaigns you’re selling and targeting quickly and easily. Some of the features include ad tracking, tracking automation, affiliate tracking, impression and click tracking, and conversion tracking. There are also custom solutions tailored to different companies/individuals, based upon the products they are promoting, and the affiliate customer they are trying to target, when utilizing different links to convert a customer and sale from their site or blog.

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Anonymous visitors are just lost sales, right? Not with Most people who visit your site do so anonymously. You’ll get about 2% of people who leave their information on your site, but that’s it. So how does anonymous site tracking benefit your business?

Some of the ways can help your marketing team include

  • Learning IP addresses and visitor location
  • Finding out how long they visited your site
  • Learning where visitors clicked from (external links or general SEO search)
  • Find out if they have seen/clicked PPC ads, banner ads, email links, or other search parameters

Furthermore, incorporating, integration, email tracking, analytics, and form captures, allows to paint a better picture of who’s visiting your site, where you previously had limited (if any) information at all.

An anonymous visitor is a lost sale. But, with, you are gleaning invaluable information about your visitor, so you can better retarget them, and try to convert that anonymous visitor, into a repeat visitor, and hopefully, eventually get that person to become a customer.

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Travel Affiliate Programs

Cozy bed and breakfasts, fast-paced action in big cities, or scenic retreats during your upcoming family vacation. You choose the destination, and find the best deals with

With the online site, you can

  • Find spectacular daily deals to exotic locations
  • Book all accommodations for your upcoming trip in one place
  • Save with bundled packages
  • Find tours and activities and book early to save during your stay

There’s more than just hotels you can book at The site offers accommodations in cabins, resorts, villas, cottages, and more. You can search by popular vacation destinations, shop by the travel deals of the day, or find inspiration for your next trip on the blog, with some unique retreats you might want to consider for an upcoming trip you’re planning.

A trip for two or an impromptu weekend getaway are easy to book with, plus you can find great last minute discounts with daily deals on the site for your travels.

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There are countless travel booking sites, and is one of the many you can use when booking your travels anywhere in the world. Why book with them as opposed to airlines directly?

With, you can compare several travel dates, times, airlines, and travel locations (nearby airports) in a single search. So, rather than get a fare from American then have to go to Delta’s site, you can compare these, and countless other airlines side by side.

With you can compare

  • Airline/flight alone
  • Flight and hotel
  • Flight, hotel, car rental

You can also choose various dates or nearby travel dates if you have some flexibility for travel. The website will instantly search the web and look for top deals for you. And, with, you have a low price guarantee; if you find a cheaper price after you book, they’ll match or provide you the refund difference if you find a cheaper price elsewhere.

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It’s probably the most well-known and luxurious hotel chain you can book. offers great perks to travelers who book through their site. You can book online, compare destinations around the world, and become a Hilton rewards member, where you earn points for each destination you travel to and each night you stay at a Hilton property.

You receive a price guarantee when booking through If you find a lower price after you book, or after your stay, you’ll receive a 25% on your next stay, at any Hilton hotel you stay at during your next trip. Some perks of booking online with the site are

  • Hilton rewards points
  • Stay longer and save (for extended travel)
  • Travel points with the Hilton credit card for booking online
  • Early check ins and late check out times
  • Essential extras

Plus, you get two times points for some of the destinations you travel to when staying with Hilton. If you’re going to stay at Hilton properties, you might as well book through Enjoy the perks, the rewards, and the finest hotels around the world for your next vacation or an upcoming business trip, plus find the best price when you book it with

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Traveling? lets you book flights, bundles, cars, hotels, and everything else you need for your upcoming trip all in one place. You simply enter your travel destination, where you’re traveling from, the duration of your stay, and you’re ready to book it. You’ll instantly get information for more than 20 flights, so you can always compare and find the cheapest price for the destinations you are visiting.

What’s the catch when you book with You are going to pay less because you do not actually know the name of the hotel you are booking. The site will hide 4-star hotel names, and you book without knowing where it is you are staying. Once you do arrive, you will come to find the top luxurious resorts, for 1/2 the price you would otherwise pay or less. Great deals are always available through If you are willing to take a chance and book a room without knowing the hotel’s name, you’re going to find great deals, and some of the most luxurious retreats, for less.

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Traveling the world or traveling to your neighboring state for a business conference? With you can find the best deals for your travel dates, and book with some of the finest hotels and resorts the major hotel-chain features anywhere you’re traveling.

The is fairly straightforward to use and book. You can

  • Choose your travel dates and location you’re traveling
  • Sort by 3, 4, or 5 star ratings
  • Sort by budget, features, amenities you want on site
  • Book online and check in online before you arrive at your destination.

What’s the point of booking through as opposed to travel sites? First off, you can find better rates. Also, as a Marriott member, you get points for each hotel stay you book. Over time, you’ll earn free nights and you can upgrade to 5-star resorts. You also get the best rate guarantee. Furthermore, members receive perks like early check in, late checkout, free upgrades, and other benefits, simply for being a member.

So, plan your travels and book with one of the most highly regarded hotel chains in the world.

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With countless travel booking sites to choose from, is one of the older, most trusted sites. It’s been around since 1997, so travelers rely on the prices, deals, and online booking options. allows travelers to

  • Compare hotel, airfare, airlines, car rentals, or cruises
  • Book all inclusive deals to save
  • Shop the top competitors
  • Compare multiple airlines with one search
  • Choose a specific airport or nearby airports to find the best deals

Another perk using the site are discounts after the fact. After you book a trip and visit, many hotels or airlines offer coupons, which will allow customers to save on their next trip. There are multiple travel destinations you can book in the US and abroad.

If you want to cut back on how long it takes to compare airline tickets and hotel pricing, allows you to compare everything in one place, rather than having to visit dozens of sites to find the best deal.

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Looking for travel deals? is your one-stop booking site to find them. You can book hotel, airfare, car rental, cruises, and all-inclusive stays to any destination. The site allows you to book by location or you can choose a specific airport/point of exit and entry. You can also search nearby airports for lower prices, and you can perform searches for specific dates or fluctuating dates, if you aren’t restricted, to find the best deals.

Travelers will receive over 20 travel itineraries to choose from, and can narrow their search by airline, by pricing, or other parameters. You also receive the best price guarantee. What this means is if you find a lower price after booking, within 24 hours, the site will match that price and refund you the price you paid over the lower booking rate.

You can compare multiple airlines and find the best deals, with one quick search online at, rather than compare airline by airline before you book.

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Whether you are a travel agent who wants to earn more per booking, or you’re a reviewer who wants to sell affiliate products, helps you maximize your earning capacity for your travel website.

The site offers affiliate links for hotels, flights, travel accommodations, and different activities which travelers book when they use your affiliate link. Anyone can join; whether you have a review blog on Facebook or you’re a travel planner, you can earn by adding affiliate links to your site. No matter what travelers book with your link, you’re earning a commission off of it.

How it works

To use and earn you’ll simply install the tools, add the affiliate link to your site, and when a traveler books (hotel, airfare, car rental, etc) you earn a payout . You can earn up to 80% affiliate commissions using the site, so it’s a great way to earn extra money on the site while operating a travel business or online service.

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It can be difficult to know where to go and what to do while traveling; can make your life a little easier. As the name implies, it will advise you on what you should do on your trip and travels.

How helps with planning

The site is excellent for those who love to plan. Especially if you’re visiting a region with plenty to do, or a place you’ve always wanted to go, the site will help you

  • Plan your trip based on location
  • Plan which sites to visit and sites to see based on reviews posted by previous travelers
  • Budget accordingly if you are limited in spending while traveling
  • Provide information about safe areas for travelers if you’re on your own, or visiting a region which isn’t friendly to certain groups (LGBT, race, etc)

Know before you go, with you can plan, execute, and make the most out of your well-deserved vacation you’ve planned for so long.

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