15 Best Web Hosting

Picking the ideal host solutions is important for any website, as it will determine the speed, reliability and security of your site. When choosing a host service, it is important to consider factors such as storage capacity, bandwidth limits, server type (e.g., shared or dedicated), customer support options, price and uptime guarantees. Consider specialized hosting services for certain types of websites.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers a variety of services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated server along with domain registration and 24/7 customer support.


InterServer offers an array of services including Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Services, colocation and more. Their network is reliable and secure with 24/7 support.


Bluehost offers shared hosting plans, cloud-based solutions, WordPress hosting packages, dedicated servers, VPS servers, plus more. Bluehost also offers 24/7 customer support.


Hostinger offers an easy-to-use control panel with a variety of features such as unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, databases, and more. Hostinger also provides 24/7 support.


GreenGeeks offers shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated server hosting plans with features such as unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email accounts, and also provides 24/7 support.

Disclaimer: This post contains references to products where I received commissions for purchases made through links. This is to help support my blog and does not have any impact on my recommendations.

Fasting Web Hosting

A2 Hosting($2.96/month)

irregardless of your knowledge with building websites and utilizing them to manage your business or for personal use, it’s always feasible and better to have an expert by your side. Having an professional would mean they know how to go through all the details of getting a website up and functioning in the shortest period of time and how to maintain the website in its prime state.

The complex piece happens in deciding for an expert, that will be trustworthy and responsible enough to handle all your problems and requests at any given time. One such master in the web hosting business is A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting has been around for really quite some time. formerly starting off back in 2001 with a different name, it gradually made its way thru the industry and earned a reputable position among the outstanding players of the web hosting game. A2, has always been active when it comes to inviting new technology into their systems.

A2 Hosting provides you with four different forms of hosting services, Shared Hosting being the cheapest at $2.96 per month and Dedicated Hosting being the most expensive at $99.59 per month.

Diving into the features of what they’re offering, one of their most important USPs is the speed they offer along with a huge uptime of 99.9%. And these are not just mere words, A2 has got the testimonials to back it all up. A2 makes use of SSDs and turbo servers which help them in providing 20x more rapid speeds at all times.

In addition, A2 has a couple of different data centers performing around the clock in three main, different continents. These geographical spread makes it possible for you to get connected to your nearby server and continue getting good speeds on your websites.

A2Hosting in no way compromises on its security either. Their data centers are all truly secure places with proper entry systems in place to make sure that no intruder gets in. For your websites too, they offer diverse equipment like scanning for viruses, dual web hosting firewall and many others.

A2’s customer support team has been named ‘Guru Crew Support’ because they offer you great 24/7 customer support service, no matter where you are. You can reach the Gurus through email, live chat, a phone call or by sending in a ticket.

To grant its customers with easy to use website designing, A2 makes use of the cPanel control panel which is a standard control panel and is hugely used and realized by most people. They also offer high quality eCommerce tools for all your business related websites.

A2Hosting also offers you a free trial with the freedom of having an anytime money back guarantee, which is an astonishing deal for all those who’re still discovering their selections and getting satisfaction.

All in all, A2 offers a good benefit for your money if not the finest and is certainly great for all the newcomers.


  • Unlimited transfer.
  • Free site migrations.
  • Anytime money-back guarantee.


  • Prices are slightly higher than some big names
  • Confusing coupon code discounts


A2 Hosting is your get-go if you want free site migrations, unlimited transfer and excellent service.

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Interserver ($5/Month)

Disclaimer: This post contains references to products where I received commissions for purchases made through links. This is to help support my blog and does not have any impact on my recommendations.

Interserver is a top priority for anyone looking for a service provider specifically for shared hosting services and WordPress plans. They also offer dedicated hosting services and a commendable uptime of 99.98%. Amazing customer service is also a factor that makes them stand out from the other web hosting service providers in the market.

Interserver not only offers a commendable shared hosting service but the reason why they should be commended is because their service is unlimited. The customers do not have to worry about any quota or limit when they subscribe to Interserver shared web hosting services.

In case it is expected for your site to have visitors from all around the world, having a CloudFare CDN will be a necessity. Thankfully for all the people who have subscribed to the Interserver services, this facility is available for free.

Customer satisfaction is a factor Interserver takes very seriously and does not compromise on in any case. Therefore they offer a money back guarantee for their customers in case they feel that the services are unable to meet their requirements.

The Interserver services are available at an amazing price of merely $5 per month. This is especially worth mentioning because the low price on the price tag does not mean that the services are not high-quality. It can be rightfully stated that at Interserver customers surely get high-quality yet low prices for the services provided.

Interserver has the best speed for their web hosting services all thanks to their three tier IP infrastructure. The use of high-end switching and routing equipment ensures that the customers face no trouble in terms of the performance of their website. Whether it is the uptime or the page load speed, everything is quick and speedy with Interserver.

Interserver has a collection of nearly 300 templates that are readily available for use on their websites. These templates are not only creative and efficient in terms of functionality but on top of all, they are easy to use. Even a beginner with no experience or technical knowledge related to site building can use these templates to design his own website.


? Customers do not need to worry about price hikes.
? Efficient and quick customer service support.
? Best services for WordPress site hosting.


? Weekly backups rather than daily ones.
? The student package of free hosting is limited for only one year.


High-quality and reliable web hosting services and that too for a commendable price range, what else could one ask for from a good web hosting service provider. Interserver has all the characteristics that any reliable web hosting service provider has.

In a nutshell, their services are highly recommended. Apart from the lack of daily backups and the limited duration for the students package, there is no other reason for one to not think about opting for Interserver web hosting services.

3. Bluehost

Best Hosting for WordPress Websites and Stores

Bluehost ($2.95/month)

all new and fresh in the web hosting trend? We have a crystal clear notion of how mentally occupied you are! Though providing you one of the major or the best of all web hosting option, Bluehost.

With the back of Endurance International Group, all thanks to James Grierson for inventing this tech-updated internet tool to aid you to flourish in your business, passion, and life.

start out with least, there is more to come. Needless to say, Bluehost is a helping hand to your dreams, your job, and to both. Since over two decades, Bluehost is paving its way to the peak and has not stopped on the other hand.

It is a service with almost one thousand experts who are all set up to assist you with the common inconveniences amidst your progress route.

Consider the partner who is there to uplift you, choose Bluehost.

With an innovative Application Library that includes e-commerce, hit counters and mailing lists to advance the web hosting expertise plus performance.

You will not help but confess the dispense of traditional backups a blessing in engaging with the irregular system blunders.

Bluehost out-passes its competition in the name of uptiming and has 99.9% uptime. Great uptime leads to the better web hosting competence and thus greatest is the success rate on account of availability.

We consider that you’re a awkward hosting site, therefore, choosing Bluehost will be your best bet. In fact, the advanced world is a fast world and from fast food to the fast loadings (461 milliseconds), we are pretty pulled in to it. swift happenings, big relief! Isn’t it?

This implies that it offers normal care for its users in all the terms and areas.

As Bluehost is fast to fully grasp, it is still easy to put into play. You won’t have to go through a lot of trouble to have an understanding of things.

It practically saves you from the hassle of thorough installing. With just 1-click, you are good to go. Moreover, It also offers 30 days money-back guarantee so you check and watch if it is your cup of tea, or maybe the site of success.

While it may have high standard rates but it offers an initial plan fairly in the budget with the start from around $2.95. Apart from that, we love 24/7 assistance it supplies to the customers.

Bluehost helps ensure optimal security seek with the Secure Socket Layer certificates like Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare, spearheading talents and performance.

It protects your growing business and spies on your hosting asset with multiple powerful passwords for each door.

Bluehost regulates the overall managing of all the domains (sub-domains) by posting this structure at one place.


  • Best uptime (99.9%).
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Live chat and email support.
  • Excellent control over your site.


  • Limited hosting.
  • Expensive.


Go for Shared hosting with Bluehost and cheer yourself a tranquilizing pat by divvying up the web managing. Be it Shared, VPS, Dedicated or any other hosting type, Bluehost will succor to acquire the positive output in all.

Rely on your guts, you are going to make one of the wisest investments. Decide your future, choose your plan.

Everything You Need to Create a Website

Internet Hosting is a growing industry that is taking over the world. In 2017, the Global Internet Hosting Market’s share was 32.12 billion, nevertheless, it really is expanding with just about every passing year and is usually expected to reach seventy six.2 billion by 2023.

In 2007, Hostinger started as a totally free online data storage and grew to reach 29 million customers in 2017. They plan to grant their consumers a cheaper and superior quality service which is uncommon to see today.


High Quality Shared Hosting: Hostinger has been now identified as one of the top-notch web hosting providers because they provide quality offers at nominal rates. It has over 29, 000, 000 clients today and the credit goes to the high quality service on the lowest practical price.

The internet hosting service has unrestricted benefits and backups. Along with that, it is operating on cloud-based technology with a 3x enhanced WordPress speed.

limitless Web Hosting benefits: Hostinger offers you everything upon a single platform. It offers you all the capabilities that are needed to commence, host and manage the website. It equips you with unmetered and unrestricted shared hosting giving you a great number of high-quality cloud features and space.

You can also get an unmetered SSD disk space and band width with the top quality and Business packages. With Hostinger, you can host virtually any website easily using Email accounts, FTP users and MySQL databases.

Quite affordable Hosting: Hostinger keeps in mind that folks are tight on budget which is why it offers its clients internet hosting at very sensible rates. It belonging to the industry leaders, provides with top quality web hosting that you will not find anywhere cheaply.

In case you are nonetheless sceptical, then we’ll let you know that Hostinger isn’t one of those sites that enhance the restoration prices up to 500% but supplies a great low price with a Loyal Client Guarantee Program for domain name renewals and web hosting.

Best Free Website Builder: With Hostinger, as you may select a web hosting program, you get a free website contractor with it. The drag & drop interface allows you to easily create your site with no professional knowledge. You can look through a large array of templates and locate an uncomplicated, SEO friendly and eye-catching remedy to your website.

Hosting Enhanced For WordPress: Hostinger provides servers that are optimized for WordPress and custom made built caching plugins. And if you are well-versed in websites you will know that WordPress website and weblog speed are 2 extremely important factors to succeed online.

Hostinger brings you speediest WordPress website that guarantees quality and is cost-effective as well.

Free Domain Hosting and free SSL: Using the Premium and Business deals of Hostinger, you may get free of charge domain hosting and free of charge SSL. SSL boosts the client’s trust which then makes people buy from the site.

It will also transform your life SEO ranking and relieve you from all security related worries.

Hostinger will likewise offer you free domain hosting and many more domain deals.


  • An average of 99.97% uptime.
  • Very simple to use.
  • You get a free domain for 1 year.
  • Multilingual Customer Support.
  • Super-fast server responses.
  • 30 days’ money-back guarantee.
  • 1 click WordPress auto-installer.


  • No daily Backup.
  • free SSL only in Business Package


All of us recommend Hostinger as a great amazing and affordable online data storage. Even though their uptime has been a little inconsistent, the average uptime is solid. The customer service is usually friendly too. Even in that case, if you are still unhappy with the service, Hostinger offers you an choice of 30 days’ money-back guarantee.

Web Hosting that's fast, secure & eco-friendly

GreenGeeks ($2.95/month)

With over 1. 5 billion websites and the numbers increasing, as an individual read this, it’s safe to say that home page’s form a major portion of the world nowadays. The contributions an individual site can make to your business, cause or any kind of other personal motive, usually are in the millions. Consequently, it’s vital that you have an internet site if you are looking to start out a refreshing business, or even though an individual already have started one.

Given the numbers above, it’s furthermore safe to assume that there must be a lot of web hosting providers that make certain these 1. 5 billion sites, are up and running. Picking which web hosting service provider will be accountable for giving rise to your terrific web site, is the hard component.

For that matter, we are discussing GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks is a web hosting company founded back in 2006, with an purpose to be able to provide an environmentally friendly internet hosting service to whomever may need it. Their particular green feature, is just what sets them apart from most other agencies inside the industry.

GreenGeeks assume that they will offset the carbon footprint by a towering 300%, which clearly, is an amazing thing to carry out. And the good news is, they don’t fall short in providing awesome services either. With merely a little price of $2. 95 per month, an individual can start off your internet site using their help. These people do have even bigger deals too, and they also come with a somewhat bigger cost.

Their particular Pro package starts off at $5. 95 per month while their High quality package, begins at $11. 95 monthly. But after that again, these prices furthermore come with the satisfaction of contributing in making the world a greener spot.

GreenGeeks have 5 data centers spread across Phoenix, Chicago, il, Toronto, Montreal and Amsterdam. This spread enables far better, faster and more smooth hosting and service supply for the customers. Other features include utilization of SSD hard drives regarding data storage, which makes the backups faster plus safer.

Additionally, they also provide you free CDN which allows you to cache the data in addition to make it available with regard to users on servers that are closer to all of them. When it comes to your data and website’s security, GreenGeeks is actually trustworthy.

Every account comes with their own individual resources and a secured virtual record (Secure vFS). Scanning for malware is being completed in real-time to avoid almost any loss or wrong doings.

GreenGeeks provides 99. 99% associated with uptime owing to their particular real-time continuous monitoring that allows them to address plus remove problems before they will ever occur. Overall, GreenGeeks is excellent and they have got the numbers to show it. Their 40, 000+ customers and over five hundred, 000 successfully hosted web sites speak for themselves.


  • Offsetting carbon foot-print by 300%.
  • High quality security protocols ensure safer experience.
  • Backups are automatic.
  • Great, reliable customer service.
  • Amazing hosting rates of speed with the latest technology.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Unlimited transfer of data with unlimited space.


  • Zero data centers in Asia.
  • There are usually cheaper options available with better packages.
  • Free domain only for the very first year.


With Greengeeks, you get excellent hosting speed, automated backups and good security characteristics as well.

Smart web solutions for your small business

HostPapa ($3. 95/Month)

Disclaimer: This post contains references to products where I received commissions for purchases made through links. This is to help support my blog and does not have any impact on my recommendations.

HostPapa is a notable name when entertaining the idea of web hosting service providers. With specialized experience, it targets security and a good customer support, HostPapa has emerged as a dependable system for web hosting since 2006 and so much, they have hosted about 500,000 websites which is with certainty amazing.

Through HostPapa one gets all applications affiliated to web hosting under one roof. Coming from custom domain names, from web design to creation, from hosting to email plans, you can get everything at one place through HostPapa. Most of these services are top notch as well as reasonably priced.

At HostPapa, you get a possibility to pick from a range of domain names. Customers can pick and choose any domain they like. Other than the traditional domain endings like. com and. net, personalized domain name endings are also available. This can help you stand out from the rest of the competitors in the market and add a diversity in your website name.

Moreover, the cost deals for these domains are also very affordable and budget friendly. Starting from merely .95, it goes up to .99 depending on which hosting plan and options you choose.

With HostPapa, customers have the liberty to create their own website. Various payment plans are available through which you can choose templates, amount of pages to design own website etc.

Quite a few professional templates and updating abilities help the consumers in website creation. Contemplating that, it provides a fairly easy to use tool that is a drag and drop editor. Thus, a person with no technical knowledge can also feel comfortable using it.

HostPapa offers incredible webpage speed which helps websites load at a rapid rate. They utilize high-performance servers to ensure that the web site has a fantastic reaction rate and all pages load in a subject of minutes. Choose from their Starter, Business and Business Pro package according to your requirements and budget and get your website hosted on a powerful machine.

Almost all of the services made available from HostPapa ensure safety and integrity of ones website. They have foolproof security measures that ensure the websites and data remains safe from hackers and other unauthorized sources. There is no risk of any threat or potential malware when HostPapa services are utilized.


  • Commendable Industry Common Time of 99.96%.
  • Multiple customer support options.
  • Foolproof security features.
  • Alternative for site migration available.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Setup payment charged even when cancelling.
  • Not so efficient customer support despite multiple options.
  • Slow web page load speed, page reloading thus takes longer


All in all, HostPapa is a good web hosting company for anyone looking for an affordable option. They need to improve their page load time, but the uptime is commendable. Multiple services under one roof is an added benefit. If still one feels disappointed by their services, there is always the option to avail the money back guarantee.

Website and Commerce Solutions for any Small Business

Godaddy.com (starting from $2. 99 per month)

Irrespective of whether you want to provide an online existence for your business or perhaps you are just a person who wants to set up their personal blog, it is very important to make the best choice. Godaddy. com is one regarding the most dependable web hosting services out there available in the market.

This will be one of many oldest domain internet hosting sites which is why they have had sufficient time to build above a collection of more than 78 million registered domains. It’s hard to find another website with a lot more experience than Godaddy.com


Bloggers choose Godaddy.com for web hosting simply as a result of the outstanding features these people offer. Godaddy.com is the greatest domain registrar – this means it is well known and sometimes the first (and reliable) selection for web hosting newbies. Because of to such a large number of customers, it offers a awesome customer assistance too. Available 24/7, the particular friendly staff of Godaddy.com has absolutely got your back and is just a call, chat or email away. The most essential thing you need to understand is that you simply don’t actually need technical knowledge to be able to set up your domain name, thanks to the user-friendly interface associated with Godaddy. com As your weblog grows and you build soaring traffic, you can generate upward to a hundred subdomains with web addresses regarding your own choice, so everything is customizable and in your very hands. It also will come with 400 email aliases and allows you to migrate your domain with just a single click – very fast plus convenient. And since we’re on the subject associated with fast, you should become aware from the swift 500 MS mean load rate and 99. 97% uptime Godaddy offers you. Slow rates of speed impacts your rank on search engines in a negative way plus can in reality annoy your audience away. Moreover, Godaddy is secure and protects your privacy. It gives the service of privacy protection which (if enabled) stops your personal information to be snooped or even pried upon. This gives you the mental peace to concentrate on other crucial stuff. You also get free daily backups so there’s no possibility of losing your valuable data. One less thing to worry about. This specific site also provides a a hundred GB unlimited Bandwidth and an unlimited cloud storage. Most of all, a person get all these functions for such a lower price! You get the free domain and an individual only need to pay 2. 99 dollars monthly to have your weblog ready to go. Hence Godaddy provides invaluable services that are usually also light on your pocket. However, when it is higher speeds and extra characteristics you’re after, you may easily discover a plan that will suits your preferences better regarding a slightly higher cost.


  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Create around a hundred of subdomains.
  • User friendly interface.
  • 99. 9% uptime.


  • SSL certificates need to be purchased separately.
  • Additional characteristics extra features} cost extra.


Godaddy is one of the most used domain and hosting services of today plus is catering to millions of websites.

The WorkdPress Digital Experience Platform

WP Engine ($35/month)

Disclaimer: This post contains references to products where I received commissions for purchases made through links. This is to help support my blog and does not have any impact on my recommendations.

WP Engine is one of the very few hosting providers that provide performance-oriented providers. WPEngine is a WordPress specific host, thus this is needless to state it should be the first choice when looking to host a WordPress site.

From easy migration to support and even performance checking and diagnostics, a amount of features are available through WP Engine.

WP Engine is usually fresh to none when it comes to the WordPress hosting industry. Founded only a few years ago in 2010, they have a quantity of renowned names like Yelp, National Geographic, MyFitnessPal and Asana in their client list.

WP Engine offers five plans for the shoppers to select from namely Startup. Growth, Scale, High quality and Enterprise. All of these plans come with unrestricted data transfer and the features that distinguish all of them are the quantity of WordPress installs, traffic per month and the amount of disk storage that is offered.

Security is a aspect that is taken extremely seriously by WP Engine. The WordPress core updates will be automated and all updates go through thorough screening prior to the clients are upgraded.

Any kind of DDoS, brute force or perhaps SQL Injection cannot trespass their foolproof security protocols. Thus giving the customers a peace of mind since they are hundreds of percent certain that their site is hosted on a safe and secure system.

Customer care is another strong characteristic about WPEngine. Their client support team comprises of almost 100 WordPress professionals that are always obtainable in circumstance the customers need any kind of help or experience any issue.

Customer support is available in the kind of live chat as well as phone support. A ticketing support system is usually offered as well. Most of these efforts bridge the gap between the customers and the WP Engine.

WP Engine has partnered with MaxCDN to offer CDN (content delivery network) due to its clients. This permits the websites to load quicker. Around thirty six WordPress templates are as well designed for free along with the Genesis framework.

Just in case the customers are not satisfied with the assistance, they can claim a full reimbursement within 60 days. The customers can merely cancel their very own account and get their very own money back, however, it is crucial to note that this guarantee exists only to get the Personal, Professional and Business plan.


* Commendable customer support.
* Foolproof security protocols.
* More than 36 WordPress templates to choose from.
* Money-back guarantee.
* Fast loading time.


* Installation of a few plugins is not allowed.
* Lack of domain registration services.
* Package prices are higher as compared to other service providers.


WP Engine may seem a lttle bit pricey as compared to other WordPress hosting services, yet it is needless to say that it is usually a great investment. The sites have a amazing loading time and the customer support is quickly available to offer help.

Once buying a dedicated hosting support for WordPress with the assurance of security, there is no better choice other than WP Engine.

Lightning Fast Web Hosting

Shared hosting and WordPress plans seem to be the need of almost all the businesses today. However, for smaller businesses, paying for these services seems to be a major expense. But MochaHost is the perfect option in the market with commendable services and yet the most affordable rates.

Founded in 2002 and registered in San Jose, Mocha Host is not a new name when it comes to web hosting service providers. They have a number of hosting services ranging from shared hosting to dedicated cloud services. Thus, they are a one stop solution for all the needs of e-commerce businesses.

MochaHost stands out from the other service providers because it offers shared hosting for both Windows as well as Linux users. Customers are given different plans to choose from which can be customized to cater to their needs.

The lowest plan allows hosting of a single site whereas the most exclusive one offers a comprehensive set of features including support for Subversion and Magento.

WordPress is amongst the most popular website platforms. The wordpress optimized plans offered by MochaHost make the installation and management of any wordpress site extremely easy and convenient. From updates to backups, everything is automated to save time and effort and malware monitoring and 24/7 available support are added features.

MochaHost provides unlimited bandwidth with its VPS web hosting packages. Six packages each are available for both Windows and Linux. When it comes to dedicated web hosting, Mocha Host is applauded because the uptime is commendable.

Since the servers are cloud based, therefore the customers experience commendable speed and higher uptime as compared to the other web hosting services.

The Easy Website Builder is a commendable feature of MochaHost that allows users to build websites that suit their preferences and requirements.

The use of this tool is extremely simple and does not require any type of coding or technical coding. “What You See Is What You Get” tool displays the layout of the website on the screen as it is being built.


* 180 day trial period
* Guaranteed lifetime discounts
* Free domain name for life
* No limit on bandwidth and disk space
* Extremely easy to build one’s own website


* Few hosting options as compared to other service providers
* Lack of integrated backup facility
* Extra charges for control panel
* Customer support and data centers are not located in the same region
* The official website of MochHost lacks a user friendly interface


All in all, MochaHost is a good service provider for small businesses who are in need of web hosting services yet lack the budget to pay heavy subscription fees for this purpose. With a fee of $1.95 per month and a 100% guaranteed uptime, it is surely a service worth trying.

Easy website builder and the 180 day trial period are also impressive offers. They need to extend their hosting options and incorporate integrated backups. Otherwise, Mocha Host is a perfect choice for businesses with basic needs in terms of web hosting.

Unlimited Hosting - Everything You Need

Glow Host was founded in 2002 and is marked as an award-winning web host that is known for its reliable hosting service at nominal prices. Currently, Glow Host is engaged in serving its tens of thousands of customers via dedicated server hosting, shared web hosting, cloud virtual dedicated server hosting and cloud hosting solutions.

Apart from all this, Glow Host is strictly dedicated to its customers and is finding new ways to help them. In order to help their customers, make better decisions, it offers a 91-day money-back guarantee.

Along with that, it ensures its customers a 100% network uptime and up to 99.99% uptime hosting that may vary due to the chosen solution.

Glow Host offers 4 web hosting plans that are single domain, multi-domain, personal hosting, professional hosting. Cloud Linux is used on all packages to guarantee reliability and performance.

The most basic plan costs $3.47 a month and has unlimited disk space, monthly transfers, free SSL certificates, and much more. As we move towards professional hosting, the price increases to $12.57 and the plan offers greater performance.

Along with that, there are unlimited domains, free SEO tools, many web apps, 1500+ web design templates and 3x redundant file storage etc. There is so much in a single plan however the only downer is that the disk space is limited to 20GB and the monthly transfer is limited to 250GB.

There is a 100% uptime guaranteed in the web hosting services of Glow Host. And the uptime guarantee for a 12-month period is 99.95% which includes the power outages, hardware malfunction and scheduled maintenance for a whole year.

The best part is that a prorated refund is given to clients of their sites suffer from downtime due to network datacenter issues or a power or hardware failure.

The data centers for Glow Host are built in a way that provides only the best to their customers and provides web hosting of the highest standards.

Glow Host offers technical support 24/7/365. The technical team with experts do their best to satisfy customers. Also Glow Host provides live support in the form of telephone calls for the US-based customers. Other than that, there are forums, knowledgebase, FAQs to help the clients solve common problems.

Moreover, training sessions are held over Skype and IM to help them through the initial phase. Users are also encouraged to contact through social media.


* Amazing and fast customer support
* 99.95% consistent guaranteed uptime
* Very user-friendly control panel
* One-click script installer
* 91-day money-back guarantee


* Ticket responses take an hour


Overall, the web hosting by Glow Host is quite good. With the numerous templates that they offer and unlimited space in the basic package is a plus.

Along with that, the prices are substantial too. Customer satisfaction is said to be 100%. With the 91-days money-back guarantee it sure is one of the prominent web hosting companies to consider.

Unlimited Hosting Everything You Need

WebHostingPad started as a small business with just a few servers. With over the years, it has grown into a big name. Web Hosting Pad guarantees the best web hosting experience in the prices you can afford.

Web Hosting Pad also guarantees a fast, secure and reliable service that allows you to do whatever you want.

Web Hosting Pad offers Website transfers, SSL Certificates, free mobile site builders, automated malware and quarantine scan, free unlimited emails, free ecommerce integrations and SSD Data storage.

The prices for WebHostingPad starts from just $1.99 per month that can easily fit into the budget of small business. This power plan includes unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts. This also comes with a website builder and is compatible with Weebly and WordPress.

If you are a price-sensitive company, this is the cheapest hosting program available to you. However, the options will be limited in this program. If price is a great concern for you then this is the program for you.

Also, WebHostingPad offers 30-day money-back guarantee that strengthens the faith in their service and allows you to wipe your hands off this service under 30 days.

Along with being the cheapest service, there is, it also covers a great deal of security for your website. Cheap options often cut down on security and slim down your options for a secure website, offering you good security only inexpensive packages.

But, with WebHostingPad you get a malware and quarantine scanner that helps you scan any potential viruses that might harm your website.

The Customer support offered by Web Hosting Pad is pretty decent. It offers 24/7 support and the server connects you instantly. They take a minute on average to answer your questions. WebHostingPad has a team of experts and professionals at the back end who will provide you with good support and help you with your queries.

The signup process is also really easy. In just a few steps you will be signed up for WebHostingPad and will enjoy the service.

One thing users need to know is that their data must not exceed 150,000 files otherwise they will have to pay $10 extra every month to obtain another space for 150,000. There is also a limit on emails. You can’t send more than 300 emails and hour and 3000 emails a day.


* Very Cheap and affordable
* Good Customer Support
* 30-day Money Back guarantee
* Great Security enhancements


* Page loading times are 40% slower


Web Hosting Pad is a really cheap service that is quite the ideal option for small business companies. The security is also sound. However, due to the slow page loading time and bad uptime of 97.65%. Although the website guarantees a 99% uptime, in reality, it’s quite low.

There are plenty of other options on the market that provide a better service but if you are looking for something cheaper WebHostingPad is for you.


Unleash the Power of Managed Cloud Hosting

Disclaimer: This post contains references to products where I received commissions for purchases made through links. This is to help support my blog and does not have any impact on my recommendations.

Scalability and flexibility- these two factors are the core around which all the services of Cloudways are primarily based. When seeking for a cloud hosting service supplier particularly for WordPress sites, Cloudways will completely stand out from the other options readily available.

Founded in 2011 and revamped in 2016, Cloudways is without doubt a service provider that has experienced beneficial attention from the market in very little time. Considering the fact that it is a managed hosting platform, therefore it helps websites to go live in a matter of minutes and the cost of a few clicks only.

Cloudways has made server management actually basic and easy. The Cloudways custom control panel is very intuitive and modern. Server, applications, teams and projects, everything can be accessed through the menu of this control panel.

Each of these tabs further has its own web pages which comprise usefulness and features accordingly.

Making improvements to a website and regretting them is not an option when using Cloudways. Its staging feature allows one to test and view the changes prior to pressing them to the actual website.

In case you want your clients to access these changes too, purely make use of cloning and make copies of the site which can be shared via new servers so clients can review any alterations.

The server effectiveness and speed offered by Cloudways cloud hosting service is good. The use of several caching parts ensures that the website loads quickly and appropriately.

A variety of servers located in numerous parts around the world also expand the speed of the website.

24/7 customer support is available for all Cloudways clients. Contact the customer support team via a call, an email or browse through the blogs to look for the remedy to any hassle that you may be confronting.

CloudWaysBots also monitor services and push notifications as soon as any update is accessible or any problem is experienced.

Cloudways offers a number of packages for its customers. The pricing on Cloudways is centered on the “pay as you go” model. The prices and services included in these packages depend on which of the five partner’s services one opts for.

With the basic package priced at $10 per month to the most costly one at $226.05 per month, the customers can opt for any package that suits their needs and requirements.


* 5 cloud hosting services available to choose from.
* Server speed is commendable.
* Intuitive and easy to use control panel.
* 24/7 customer support.
* SSL Certificates are free.
* Staging and cloning for easily making changes to websites.


* Lack of email hosting.
* File manager not included.
* Domain name registration facility unavailable.
* Expensive as compared to other service providers.


If speed and easiness of use is your priority in terms of cloud hosting, there is no better service provider for you other than Cloudways. With impressive server speed, simple yet effective control panel and a simplified approach towards web hosting, it is an investment that is worth the high valued price tag.

Unleash the Power of Managed Cloud Hosting

Founded in 2002, Ultra Web Hosting is a green host based in Seattle, Washington. Commendable web hosting services and efficient customer support are two main characteristics of Ultra Web Hosting that makes it stand out from the other service providers.

When looking for an affordable web hosting service provider, the Ultra Web Hosting services should surely be taken into consideration. With a subscription fee of only $2.95 per month, their services are surely priced within an affordable range. They mainly offer free, shared, WordPress VPS and shared web hosting services.

Their shared web hosting service comes in three different plans namely Ultra 1X Hosting, Ultra Unlimited and Ultra Unlimited Pro. Each of these plans offers a free domain name and unlimited space and emails. A site builder is also included so businesses can make a website as per their own preferences.

The WordPress Plans offered by Ultra Web Hosting come with a free trial of a month. The features of this plan includes hosting an unlimited number of sites, free domain name, no limit on emails and space, CDN and dedicated IP along with free setup.

Weebly Plan by Ultra Web Hosting is a popular choice amongst people who lack technical knowledge and experience when it comes to website building. It is a tool that allows users to make their own site through drag and drop options. A number of templates is also available for the users to choose from.

Since Ultra Web Hosting makes use of SSD hard drives, therefore, their speed and performance is undoubtedly fast and efficient.

With an average response time of only 2.49 milliseconds and 4.527 second loading time, it becomes obvious that the performance is commendable. An uptime of 99.9% is also guaranteed by Ultra Web Hosting.

Customer support is also a strong point of Ultra Web Hosting. With a forum, live chat, ticket request, a helpline to leave a message as well as a Knowledge Base, the customers can be assured that they will get all the help and guidance they may need. The response time for the live chat is merely 30 seconds whereas the support tickets are replied to within 2 hours which is surely impressive.


* Efficient customer support
* Plans are affordable
* Free domain name
* Optimal performance
* Easy to use site building tool
* Different plans to choose from


* Does not support windows hosting
* Extra charges on subscription fee based on different time periods of subscription


Ultra Web Hosting services are highly recommended. The categories of services and their performance is a bargain worth stealing for the price tag. From uptime to loading page and even customer support, every aspect is commendable.

With a price of merely $2.95 per month for the most basic plan, it is a perfect option of small scale businesses that are just getting into web hosting. Once settled, one can easily upgrade and change packages to suit the needs of the business.


Professional Web Hosting

Since 2003, ePow Host has been a part of the shared hosting industry. They provide shared hosting to small as well as medium-sized companies. They are based outside of Houston, TX.

For the ease of their customers and be more precise to their target audience, they offer just two packages which are fairly easy to choose from. Small and medium-sized companies who like basic hosting can choose this.

The two packages are standard and professional. The standard plan allows you to use shared hosting for a nominal price of $3.95. This price is only offered if the company wants to use this service for the next 24 months and if they want to go month by month, then a total of $8.95 is reached.

In the Pro plan, the price ranges from $5.95 to $10.95 and this plan is more suitable for businesses. The Pro plan includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited domains and unlimited email accounts.

However, the standard package limits the user to a 3 TB bandwidth, 10 domains, 100 email accounts and 300 GB disk space. This plan also limits filters, aliases, autoresponders and email forwarders which is also unlimited for the Pro plan.

Few of the numerous features that these service offers include SSH access, anti-virus, anti-spam feature, free site builder and advertising credits.

The ePow Host offers a 24/7 customer support that is quite important if you are dealing with some technical stuff like hosting and are new to it. They have a team of experts who will solve all your problems in a few minutes and will guide you the best.

The website also guarantees you a 99.9% uptime. The interface is also very user-friendly and the c-panel is also very easy to use. This is ideal for companies who can’t afford technical staff.

Other features offered by this service include MySQL Databases, ImageMagick, Fantastico, Shockwave as well as video and audio support. Moreover, it offers 100% security.

However, according to the recent updates, their uptime has fallen considerably and their customer support has also deteriorated significantly. Apart from this, the company is quite promising. It also offers a lot of discounts like 10%, 20% and 30% which add greater value for money.

EPow Host also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to their customers to allow them to experience the service and ask for a refund if they want.


* Uptime is 99.9%. * Great Customer support. * A lot of great features at an affordable price. * 30-day money-back guarantee.


* No WordPress or B2evolutio support. * Currently, the uptime is to be falling.


EPow Host is certainly a good company that shows a lot of promise. If they improve their current uptime and customer service, the service is of good quality and affordable.

The amount of features they offer at little price is also commendable. For people looking for a really good and basic hosting service, this is a really good option.


Make more online, for less

The Internet provides become the new market and the world provides shrunk into a Global village. For that purpose, new websites and businesses emerge every day that require web hosting service to maintain an online occurrence.

Web hosting allows you to build an online market in cheap and affordable rates. Namecheap is one of those net hosting companies that provide you with great packages.

Back in 2000, Namecheap was found and during the next 18 years, Namecheap managed to tug at over three million consumers.

It is mostly known for their domain names. They control over seven million website names and gives them for affordable rates. But what about their web hosting service.

This kind of leading domain registrar provides a good market share thanks to the number of services it provides such because web hosting, email hosting and cloud-based services.

Namecheap gives you a monthly rate of $1. 44 per month in the event that you subscribe to a yr, which is very inexpensive. This can be the most basic strategy that includes 20 GB SOLID STATE DRIVE and 3 websites.

The bandwidth is usually unmetered in this strategy and you have full access to standard features like cPanel and applications like WordPress. You’ll be astonished to know that this kind of plan even offers totally free SSL certificates that boost the authenticity of your site and raise the traffic to you.

But the free SSL accreditation are only for the first year, after which in turn you would need to pay.

One of the major problems of application is the loss of data if there is a technical issue. This kind of service allows you to get twice-a-week backups so that there is not any loss of info in any case.

One of the best features may be the most affordable package allows you use of 50 MySQL databases which is a lot compared to what other companies offer for the same price. The price allows you to arranged up three websites also which means you may make multiple websites in once.

Along with this, you stand up to 50 email addresses which save you a lot of price as a new or small business.

Additionally, Namecheap gives a 30-day money-back guarantee which allows you to check the support in depth and see in the event that it’s for you. If you still aren’t satisfied you can look for something else.

Namecheap excels at domain names. So when you join their hosting service they provide you with free domain names. Also, if you would like to migrate the site from another hosting service to this, Namecheap will help you in this free of cost.


* Third-party reviews are very good.
* 30-day money-back guarantee.
* Free Domain and Migration
* The value plan is fully loaded.


* Uptime is not that great- 99.82%.
* Customer Support is not up to the mark.
* Average Page Speed-830ms.


Namecheap offers you many features that other hosting services perform not offer, at the same price. In $1. 44 and $2. 88 a month, you may get the cheapest net hosting and host three of your websites. Also though the uptime is not that great, but this will help to your business.