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Paid Traffic or Free Traffic?

On the Internet, you have to acquire traffic to be able to start making sales. However, you must be careful about how exactly you drive traffic. You can either buy traffic, or learn how to drive no cost traffic aimed at your web. What are the pros and cons of each and every traffic strategy?

Take my advice. If you’re serious about making money online, put the notion of “FREE TRAFFIC” out of your mind. As far as I am concern there Is No FREE Traffic! Every thing will cost you. Wasting months and years to learn free traffic strategy will seriously cost you. In fact I strongly believe it will cost you more then going paid. Let me emphasize once more. If you’re serious about making money online, paid traffic is the way to go, PERIOD!

Some people reading this will not want to accept what I am saying here but I want you to consider it an honest to goodness advice. There is no free lunch doing internet or affiliate marketing. Everyone who makes money in this industry knows what I am saying. Now that I have given my honest advice, it is up to you to accept it or disregard it at your own risk. I believe I have done my job of being honest with you.

So one paid traffic source I use that works well and has always worked for me over the years is Solo Ads.

Let’s explore few solo ad providers I’ve used over the years.


Extreme Lead Program is a leading online marketing agency providing solo email ad campaigns and other marketing services that are designed for laser targeted prospects. These solo email ads can reach thousands of responsive customers who have an interest in similar products or services of your business. You can start these solo email ad services within the next 24 to 48 hours of placing your order.

Professional solo ad services.

The professional team of writers in the Extreme Lead Program can help you create an email ad at no extra cost. Every solo ad is simple and creatively designed to drive high quality leads to your website.

The Advanced email blast technologies ensure that your email is sent to a huge number of potential customers who have previously expressed interest in your type of product or service.

Many business owners who have utilized the solo email ads were successful in generating quality leads, drive sales, or get members to subscribe for the services.

Variety of campaign packages.

Extreme Lead Program team has a variety of solo ad packages and you can choose the one that best fits your website. You can avail solo ads for one-time, weekly, monthly or custom made specifically for your requirements.

You can get packages for as low as 250 thousand emails to 5 Million emails which can run for one time or repeated for weeks or months.

Special Features

Hgh Performing.solo ads

The email solo ads are effective to help you get the response you need and at an affordable price. Over 95% of the customers place repeat orders after they attain the desired results from these solo ads. It indicates that these solo ads are high performing and cost-effective email marketing services which not only meet your expectations but also exceed it.

Guaranteed Response.

The Extreme Lead Program team guarantees you that for every 1 million solo emails sent, you can get a minimum of 1000 visitor’s to your website. If you do not get the guaranteed minimum visitors, the marketing team sends more and more emails until you get the minimum visitors that were guaranteed.

Money-back guarantee.

The solo ads of the Extreme Lead Program have helped hundreds of successful business owners to scale their business consistently. When you order the solo email ad services at Extreme Lead Program, you are given a full and standby support.

You are backed by a money back guarantee policy, under certain conditions. You can request a complete refund of your money with no questions asked, if you are not satisfied with the service provided.


The 10 Dollar Solo Ads provide professional email campaigns using solo solo ads. Our solo ads are 100% safe, targeted and use high-quality opt-ins for your ads.

1. New Targetting Feature.

With a new targeting feature, you just have to specify the type of customers to target for your business. Our solo ads intelligently pics the suitable prospects for your requirements.

2. Third-Party Ad Tracking.

Every time you send the ad it sends to thousands of unique and new prospects. You can monitor the complete information of your ad with a third-party tracking tool at no additional charges. You can track the IP of clicked using this tool.

You can get a report on the number of clicks on each of your solo ad, the IP address of the user who has clicked, and the exact time of their visit to your website.

3. Free Ad Writing and Review.

Our professional ad writers can help you write an ad campaign if you do not have any written ad, set up a campaign and also review your campaign for any errors, at no extra cost to you.

4. Proven And Working Ads.

Our sophisticated ad system enables you to send solo ads to thousands of targeted and fresh opt-in leads. You can send out the created and reviewed ad with a click of a button. Every solo had contains only your advertisement to get quality leads. You can avoid the frustration of a low number of visitors to your website using our 10 dollar solo ads. Our solo ads have a proven track record of performance and results. It significantly helps you to get a good return on investment.

5. Long Track of Service.

We have been providing solo ads services since 1999 and have gained a leading position on Warrior forum and other forums for many years. Our solo ads have been top-rated for the highest performing ad for online advertisement and marketing.

6. Reaching Us.

You can reach the 10 Dollar Solo Ads team to place your email advertising and immediately begin sending your ad emails. Our expert provides the complete guidance and support to create you a solo ad and review it before sending it to targeted prospects.

You will realize that the 10 Dollar Solo Ads are the most effective responsive method of scaling your online business using solo ads. You will get guaranteed full satisfaction and peace of mind with our solo ads.


Building Your List Using Solo Ads

Solo Ads is a great way to drive traffic to your business. It has one of the highest penetration and conversion rates in the online marketing industry. You can generate high returns from considerably low amounts of investments, within a short period of time. Emails are reliable and help to distribute high quality and engaging promotion material to leads.

The best part about solo advertisements is that you effortlessly get access to potential leads at a cheap price. This can contribute immensely in scaling up your business. Though there are many solo ad sellers on the internet, only a few are able to deliver what they promise to you. Advertyze.com is one such platform that has a solid database to initiate solo ad campaigns with generate overwhelming results.

3 reasons why you should use Advertyze.com

Updated list every week

The platform adds thousands of leads every week. They have a directory of email addresses that are updated on opt-in basis. This makes your promotions landing straight into the Inbox of genuine users, saving money and effort.

Reliable and easy to use

The platform uses dedicated servers that allow you to run uninterrupted advertisement campaigns. This helps in gradually increasing your business and contribute in revenue growth

It is easy to sign up on the platform and you can easily get started with solo ad campaigns. The interface is convenient and has a net interface. You also have access to 7 days a week customer support that can help you with your campaigns.

Best Resources

Advertyze.com has the best infrastructure to analyse and generate leads that are best suited for your business niche. The campaigns can be customised on the basis of the geographic location and emails can be sent to targeted groups of people. Third party tracking system helps to monitor the ads on a real time basis.

The best part about advertylze.com is that they have a team of professional writers who can help to write an ad campaign for you.


Building Your List Using Solo Ads

On the online marketplace, developing a trusted relationship with your buyers is necessary to build a strong business presence. To reach out to prospective buyers you need to get access to leads. Email marketing is one way through which you can get access to high quality leads, provided it is sourced from the right supplier.

For every $1 spent on email campaign the average return is a staggering $40! The ROI on email is much higher than other forms of advertisement making it a lucrative form of advertising.

As you have started afresh, you must not have access to a sizable number of leads. In such a scenario using online marketplaces like trafficforme,com can help you build a high quality list using solo ads.

Everything you need to know about trafficforme.com

The moment you log on to trafficforme.com, you will realize why it is different from other sellers of solo ads. You do not need to possess any technical experience in marketing. They have the perfect walk through to make you start selling your products.

A 9 minute video by Harris Fellman, founder of the platform will explain to you how the platform works. Apart from that, here are the reasons why you should consider trafficforme.com

Client Reviews

The best way to know about a platform is to ask people who have actually used it. You can find testimonials of clients who have done business with trafficforme,com and they seem to be overwhelmed by it.

Free resources and reports

Trafficforme.com strongly believes that they can make money only if you can earn. This makes them proactive in sharing resources and reports on how to make things easier for you. You’ll receive regular newsletters, training and reports on how businesses are making money using their platform and using solo ads to their advantage.

Questions and answers

The experience and seriousness of trafficforme.com is evidently reflected in their high quality Question and Answers section. Creativity is what makes a marketer successful. Through their Q&A section, they are certainly able to create a strong impression. After reading this section, there is absolutely nothing that will stop you from doing business with them.

It is easy to register on the platform and purchase your solo ad. A number of packages and pricing options will make your solo ad campaign targeted and budget friendly.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads


Building Your List Using Solo Ads

Solo ads has been widely used as a promotion tool, right since the advent of digital media. Though other forms of promotions like print, social media marketing and affiliate marketing has gained momentum, email marketing still holds the precedence.

The complexities around digital ecosystems makes it necessary to adopt a strategic approach towards email campaigning. You need third party platforms like udimi.com, who can help you connect with the right sellers. This will ensure that your money is utilized in the best possible way.

Choose the right seller

Choosing the right seller is the most important step to make your solo ads successful. You may invest a lot of money in developing a quality product but reaching out to the right audience is equally important.

Many platforms promise high quality traffic but a major chunk of them are fake. With udimi.com you do not have to worry about that because it is one of the leading platforms to initiate solo ad campaigns.

Udimi.com is a platform that connects marketers (solo ad buyers) with sellers who give access to visitors.

Why udimi.com is different?

There are several reasons for this but the most important is that the platform gives leverage to protecting the interest of the buyers. Though buyers can register for free and do not have to pay a fixed monthly charge, getting on the platform as a seller is not that easy. Sellers are screened and only authentic ones are allowed to operate on the platform.

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

Buyer protection

Also, udimi.com filters out traffic and clicks generated from BOTs. The buyer does not have to pay for the same. In addition to that, every seller has a commitment of the number of visitors that they need to provide. If they fail to do so, the difference between the actual and the committed traffic is refunded back to your account.

Seller Reviews

You can view seller stats like rating, number of successful campaigns, visitors provided to buyers, etc. This helps you to filter out sellers and choose the best suited one for you.

Solo ads is a great way to build your lists and Udimi.com is the best place to make it possible.


Building Your List Using Solo Ads

The only way to quickly grow and make your business big is by getting visitors or traffic. More visitors would mean more people getting to know about your products. This eventually results in higher sales.

So how do you get more people to your business?

By sending your promotions right into their mailboxes, the digital one of course! There is an important reason for this. Almost everything that one does online, has an email address attached to it. Be it your social media profiles or professional profiles, email forms the primary means of registering on the platform.

It is also the means of primary communication. The total number of email users in the world is pegged at 3.9 billion! No wonder businesses around the world are serious about email marketing.

How do you reach them?

Using Solo Ads. There are many platforms that provide tools to perform email promotion activities. They have flexible options to make your campaigns more concentric. You can target the prospective leads in your niche and also limit it to a particular geographic location. They charge a nominal fee for these services and it is beneficial in increasing sales.

Oppseekers.com is one such platform. The platform is easy to use and has an in-depth guide to help you start your campaign right away.

Some of the popular features of oppseekers.com are –

Customized Budget

Unlike many other websites that charge exorbitant amounts of money, this platform offers you the liberty of using a flexible budget. It helps even small businesses to try their hands at solo ads and grow their business.

Fresh and New leads

Thousands of new email users are registering everyday. While most platforms provide their same old registry, Oppseekers.com updates its database regularly to give access to new users.

Organic Users

oppseekers.com provides access to 100% organic users. This means that there are no bots to cramp up you email list. This increases the possibility of incurring higher sales and generating a higher ROI.