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What is Fetch Rewards

What is Fetch Rewards?

If you’re searching for ways to save on groceries, cashback rewards programs are an effective and simple way to do just that. Unfortunately, many cashback apps require you to scan and match purchases with specific offers, which can take time and harken back to old-school coupon clipping. Fetch Rewards stands out by being user friendly while still offering cashback on items already purchased – 18 different product categories including essentials, beverages, snacks and household products like Huggies Suave A+D Nubian Heritage Dollar Shave Club Vaseline are just some of its partners partnered with 18 different product categories offering cashback and Vaseline among many more!

Earn at least 25 points on eligible receipts from grocery/supermarkets, convenience stores, wholesale club stores, gas stations, drugstores, pet stores and clothing retailers. Plus you could gain additional points by completing special offers – typically limited-time promotions for specific product types or brands with per receipt limits; check back often in the Offers section of the app to stay informed!

When redeeming your points, you have many options for how you’d like to spend them, such as Amazon, Visa Prepaid and Starbucks gift cards. Or use them to enter sweepstakes; Fetch Rewards hosts biweekly giveaways offering Visa gift cards worth up to $1,000! The more points you accumulate, the higher your odds are of success in winning this competition!

Fetch Rewards provides several strategies for speeding up the process of accruing points faster. One option is using a referral code when signing up, giving both yourself and the person you refer an extra 100 to 4,000 points each when they upload their first receipt. You can find your individual referral code by visiting either Me page of app, or click “Earn More Points” link from home screen.

Fetch Rewards also makes earning faster by offering rewards portals as another method for fast earning. These websites partner with Fetch Rewards to offer extra points when consumers make certain purchases from select websites like Amazon or Netflix – these partnerships currently include over 50 different retailers offering rewards points on purchases made there! These sites may offer extra points when placing repeat orders or subscriptions such as Netflix subscriptions.

Fetch Rewards differs from cashback apps in that you can use it to save money at all the stores you shop at, not just a select few big box chains. Even locally-owned shops such as corner bodegas can take advantage of it to save money! Just download and register with Fetch Rewards on Google Play or Apple App Store; once registered you’ll need to share your unique referral code with friends and family members.

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