NameCheap ($1. 44/month)

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[wpts_spin]The Internet {has|offers|provides} become the new {market|marketplace|industry} and the world {has|offers|provides} shrunk into a Global village. For that {reason|cause|purpose}, new websites and businesses emerge every day {that require|that need|that want} web hosting service to maintain an online {presence|existence|occurrence}.

Web hosting {allows you to|enables you to} build an {online|on-line|on the web} market in cheap and affordable rates. Namecheap {is|is usually|is definitely} one of those {web|internet|net} hosting companies that {offer you|provide you with|give you|provide you} great packages.

Back in 2000, Namecheap was found and during the next 18 years, Namecheap managed to {snag|tug at|pull the} over three million {customers|clients|consumers}.

It {is|is usually|is definitely} mostly known for {its|the|their} domain names. They control over seven million {domain|domain name|website} names {and offer|and provide|and gives} them {at|in|for} affordable rates. But what about their web hosting service.

{This|This kind of} leading domain registrar {has|offers|provides} a good {market share|business} {thanks|thank you|thanks a lot} to the number of services {it offers|it provides|it gives} such {as|because|since} web hosting, email hosting and cloud-based services.

Namecheap {offers you|provides you with|gives you} a monthly rate of $1. 44 per month {if|in the event that|in the event} you {sign up for|subscribe to|join} a {year|12 months|yr}, which is very {cheap|inexpensive|low-cost}. {This is the|This is actually the|This can be the} most basic {plan|strategy|program} that includes {20 GB|20GB} {SSD|SOLID STATE DRIVE} and 3 websites.

The bandwidth {is|is usually|is definitely} unmetered in this {plan|strategy|program} and you have {complete|total|full} access to standard features like cPanel and {apps|applications} like WordPress. {You will be|You’ll be|You’re going to be} {surprised|amazed|astonished} to know that {this|this kind of} plan even offers {free|totally free|free of charge} SSL certificates that {boost|increase|enhance} the authenticity of {your website|your site} and {increase the|boost the|raise the} {traffic to|visitors} you.

{But|Yet|Nevertheless} the free SSL {certificates|accreditation|records} are only for the first year, after {which|which usually|which in turn} you would {have to pay|need to pay}.

One of the major problems of {software|software program|application} is the loss of data if there {is|is usually|is definitely} a technical issue. {This|This kind of} service allows you to get twice-a-week backups {so that|to ensure that} {there is no|there is absolutely no|there is not any} loss of {data|info} in any case.

One of the best features {is the|may be the|is definitely the} {cheapest|least expensive|most affordable} package allows you {access to|entry to|use of} 50 MySQL databases {that is a|this is a|which is a} lot compared to what other companies offer {at|in|for} the same price. {The price|The cost|The purchase price} allows you to {set|arranged|established} up three websites {too|as well|also} which means you {can|may|can easily} make multiple websites {at|in|for} once.

Along with this, you {get up|wake up|stand up} to 50 email addresses which save you a lot of {cost|price|expense} as a new {or|or perhaps} {small business|small company|business}.

{Moreover|Furthermore|Additionally}, Namecheap gives a 30-day money-back guarantee {which allows|that allows|that enables} you to check the {service|support|services} {in detail|in depth|in more detail} and see {if|in the event that|in the event} it’s {for you|for you personally|to suit your needs}. If you still aren’t satisfied you can look for {something|some thing|anything} else.

Namecheap excels at domain {names|titles|brands}. So when you {sign up for|subscribe to|join} their hosting service {they give you|they provide you with|adequate course} free domain names. {Also|Likewise|As well}, {if you want|if you would like} to migrate {your|the} site from another hosting service to this, Namecheap will help you in this {free of cost|cost free|at no cost}.


* Third-party reviews are very good.
* 30-day money-back guarantee.
* Free Domain and Migration
* The value plan is fully loaded.


* Uptime is not that great- 99.82%.
* Customer Support is not up to the mark.
* Average Page Speed-830ms.


Namecheap {provides you with|offers you|gives you} many features that other hosting services {do|perform|carry out} not offer, at the same price. In $1. 44 and $2. 88 a month, you {can|may|can easily} get the cheapest {web|internet|net} hosting and host {three|3} of your websites. {Even|Actually|Also} though the uptime {is|is usually|is definitely} not that great, {but|yet|nevertheless} {this will help|this will help to} your business.[/wpts_spin]