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GreenGeeks ($2.95/month)

[wpts_spin]With over 1. {5|five|a few} billion websites and {the|the particular|typically the} numbers increasing, as {you|a person|an individual} read this, it’s {safe|secure|risk-free} to say that {website’s|home page’s|cyberspace} form a major {part|component|portion} of the world {today|nowadays|these days}. The contributions {a single|just one|an individual} {website|web site|site} can make to {your|your own|your current} business, cause or {any|any kind of|virtually any} other personal motive, {are|are usually|usually are} in the millions. {Therefore|Consequently|As a result}, it’s {important|vital|significant|very important|truly significant} that {you|a person|an individual} have {an internet site|a web site|an online site} if {you’re|you are|youre} looking {to begin|to start out|to get started on} a {fresh|new|refreshing} business, or {even though|even when|whether or not} {you|a person|an individual} already have started one.

Given {the|the particular} numbers above, it’s {also|furthermore|likewise} safe to assume that there must be {a ton of|a lot of|a huge amount of} web hosting {providers|companies|agencies} {that|that wilh} make {sure that|sure|certain} these 1. 5 billion sites, {are|are usually|usually are} up and running. {Choosing|Selecting|Picking} which web hosting {provider|supplier|service provider} {will be|is going to be|will probably be} {accountable for|in charge of|liable for} giving {birth|start|start off|rise} to your {perfect|ideal|most appropriate|right|best suited|terrific} {website|web site|site}, is the hard {part|component|element|aspect}.

For that matter, {we will be|we are} discussing GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks is a web {hosting|internet hosting} {company|provider|service agency} founded {back in|in} 2006, with an {aim|goal|purpose|intention|objective|intent} {to|to be able to|in order to} {provide an|offer an} environmentally friendly {web|internet|net} hosting service to {whoever|whomever|the person who} may need it. {Their|Their own|Their particular} green feature, is {what|exactly what|just what} sets them apart from most other {providers|companies|agencies} {in|within|inside} the industry.

GreenGeeks {think that|believe|assume that} {they|these people|they will} offset the carbon footprint by a towering 300%, which {clearly|plainly|certainly|undoubtedly}, is an amazing thing to {do|perform|carry out}. And {fortunately|luckily|thankfully|the good news is|the good thing is|luckily for us|on the plus side|thank goodness|happily}, {they don’t|they do not} {fall|drop} short in providing {amazing|incredible|awesome} services either. With {just|simply|merely} {a little|a tiny|a smaller} price of $2. 95 per month, {you|a person|an individual} can start off {your site|your internet site|your web site} using their help. {They|These people} do have {bigger|larger|even bigger|much larger|much bigger|even larger} {packages|deals|plans} too, {and they also|and in addition they|and} come {with|along with|together with} a {slightly|somewhat|marginally} bigger {price tag|price|cost}.

{Their|Their particular} Pro package {starts|begins} off at $5. 95 {per|for each|each} month while their {Premium|High quality|Superior} package, {starts off|begins} at $11. 95 {per month|each month|monthly}. But {then|after that} again, these prices {also|furthermore|likewise} {come with|include|have} the satisfaction {of|associated with|regarding} contributing in making {the|typically the} world a greener {place|spot}.

GreenGeeks have 5 data {centers|facilities|centres} spread across Phoenix, {Chicago|Chi town|Chicago, il}, Toronto, Montreal and Amsterdam. This spread {allows|enables|permits|makes it possible for|allows for|will allow} {better|much better|far better}, faster and more {seamless|smooth|effortless} hosting and service {provision|supply} for the customers. {Other|Some other|Additional} features include {utilization|use|consumption|operation|application} {of|associated with|regarding} SSD hard drives {for|with regard to|regarding} data storage, which {makes|can make|tends to make} the backups faster {and|plus|in addition to} safer.

{Moreover|Furthermore|Additionally|In addition|Also|On top of that|At the same time}, they also {provide you with|give you|provide you} free CDN which {lets you|enables you to|allows you to} cache the data {and|plus|in addition to} make it {available|accessible} {for|with regard to|regarding} users on servers {that|that will|of which} are closer to {them|all of them|these people}. {When it comes to your|For your} data and website’s security, GreenGeeks {is actually|is absolutely|is very} {reliable|dependable|trustworthy}.

{Every|Each|Every single} account comes with {its|their} own individual resources {and|plus|in addition to} a secured virtual {file|document|record} (Secure vFS). Scanning {for|with regard to|regarding} malware is being {done|carried out|completed} in {real time|real-time} to {avoid|prevent} {any type of|any sort of|almost any} loss or {misconduct|wrong doings}.

GreenGeeks provides 99. 99% {of|associated with|regarding} uptime owing to {their|their own|their particular} real-time {continuous|regular|frequent} monitoring {which allows|that allows|that enables} them to address {and|plus|in addition to} {get rid of|remove|eradicate} problems before {they|they will} ever occur. Overall, GreenGeeks {is great|is excellent|is fantastic} and they {have|possess|have got} the numbers to {prove|show|demonstrate} it. Their 40, 000+ customers and over {500|five hundred|five-hundred}, 000 successfully hosted {websites|web sites|sites} speak for themselves.


  • Offsetting carbon foot-print by 300%.
  • High quality security {protocols|methods} ensure safer experience.
  • Backups are {automatic|automated|programmed}.
  • {Good|Great|Very good}, reliable customer service.
  • Amazing hosting {speeds|rates of speed|rates} with the latest {technology|technologies|technological innovation}.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Unlimited transfer {of|associated with|regarding} data with unlimited {space|area}.


  • {No|Simply no|Zero} data centers in {Asia|Asian countries|Parts of asia}.
  • There {are|are usually|usually are} cheaper options available {with|along with|together with} better packages.
  • Free domain only {for|with regard to|regarding} {the first|the very first|the initial} year.

{Conclusion|Summary|Bottom line}

{With|Along with|Together with} Greengeeks, you get {excellent|outstanding|superb} hosting speed, {automated|programmed|computerized} backups and good security {features|functions|characteristics} as well.[/wpts_spin]