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GreenGeeks ($2.95/month)

With over 1. five billion websites and the particular numbers increasing, as you read this, it’s risk-free to say that home page’s form a major part of the world nowadays. The contributions an individual web site can make to your business, cause or any other personal motive, are in the millions. Therefore, it’s very important that a person have a web site if youre looking to begin a fresh business, or whether or not an individual already have started one.

Given the particular numbers above, it’s likewise safe to assume that there must be a lot of web hosting agencies that make certain these 1. 5 billion sites, are usually up and running. Picking which web hosting supplier is going to be liable for giving birth to your perfect website, is the hard aspect.

For that matter, we are discussing GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks is a web internet hosting provider founded back in 2006, with an intention in order to provide an environmentally friendly web hosting service to the person who may need it. Their own green feature, is exactly what sets them apart from most other agencies inside the industry.

GreenGeeks believe these people offset the carbon footprint by a towering 300%, which plainly, is an amazing thing to perform. And fortunately, they do not drop short in providing awesome services either. With merely a smaller price of $2. 95 per month, you can start off your internet site using their help. These people do have even bigger deals too, and come together with a marginally bigger cost.

Their Pro package starts off at $5. 95 per month while their Premium package, begins at $11. 95 per month. But then again, these prices also include the satisfaction of contributing in making the world a greener place.

GreenGeeks have 5 data centres spread across Phoenix, Chi town, Toronto, Montreal and Amsterdam. This spread will allow much better, faster and more seamless hosting and service supply for the customers. Some other features include utilization of SSD hard drives regarding data storage, which can make the backups faster and safer.

Additionally, they also give you free CDN which enables you to cache the data in addition to make it available with regard to users on servers that are closer to all of them. When it comes to your data and website’s security, GreenGeeks is very reliable.

Every single account comes with their own individual resources and a secured virtual file (Secure vFS). Scanning regarding malware is being done in real-time to prevent any type of loss or misconduct.

GreenGeeks provides 99. 99% associated with uptime owing to their particular real-time continuous monitoring which allows them to address plus get rid of problems before they ever occur. Overall, GreenGeeks is great and they have the numbers to demonstrate it. Their 40, 000+ customers and over five hundred, 000 successfully hosted web sites speak for themselves.


  • Offsetting carbon foot-print by 300%.
  • High quality security methods ensure safer experience.
  • Backups are programmed.
  • Very good, reliable customer service.
  • Amazing hosting speeds with the latest technologies.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Unlimited transfer of data with unlimited space.


  • Simply no data centers in Parts of asia.
  • There are cheaper options available together with better packages.
  • Free domain only for the initial year.

Bottom line

Together with Greengeeks, you get excellent hosting speed, automated backups and good security features as well.

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