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DreamHost ($2.59/Month)

DreamHost is not a fresh name when it comes to web hosting service companies. They have been in the market for nearly twenty five years and host just about million sites on their servers to date. Their overall performance statistics are also good with an average uptime of 99.96% and 719ms page speed. It has been rated as number nine amongst the thirty web hosts of this classification.

DreamHost is known for its shared hosting services. Their uptime and page speed is laudable and is significantly captivating for smaller corporations. Not only this but they offer unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts and domains for their clients.

As outlined previously, DreamHost holds an superb average uptime speed of 719ms per page. However, what is even more commendable is the basic fact that this figure is their average speed since the last 16 months. They are frequent and have been flourishing in protecting this commendable speed.

DreamHost is a service provider that is aware of its qualities and strengths. Therefore they are self-assured and offer a 97 days money back guarantee. If a customer is not completely happy with the services he has experienced from them, he can get his money refunded.

DreamHost delivers a number of plans each with its own prices and proposed services. The clients are free to pick a plan that suits their needs and requirements and is also within their budgetary limits. This does not restrict the customers and gives them the liberty to opt for a plan that they feel works best for them.

DreamHost delivers endless disk space and network transfers for its clients. This means that the patrons can make use of their services without having to worry about any quota of the services running out.

Most of the other service providers scam the customers by promising a discount upon registration to the services on an annual basis. However, as soon as service is renewed, the price hikes and the consumers are billed a huge sum of money. This is not the case when you are using DreamHost. The plan renewal is of the same price on which the first services was activated.

DreamHost possesses around the clock customer support via 24/7 live in house support. The customers can address any inquiries, report problems and even ask questions through the live support channel.


  • Multiple plan options to choose from.
  • Money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied.
  • No limit on disk space, bandwidth and network transfers.


  • Limited live chat support for customers.
  • Absence of cPanel i.e. customer panel.
  • Migrations are not free and customers are charged for them.


All in all DreamHost is a good quality option for anyone looking for a responsible web hosting service provider. The services are spot on but the customer support needs improvement. The plans are effective as well as economical which surely makes it a good service provider for someone on a budget.