If you spend any amount of time in the online business marketplace (or even just searching for online tools that can improve your business dramatically), you’ve probably heard about Click.org. Recommended by world renowned marketers like Ewen Chia, Anik Singal, and Willie Crawford, there’s a reason why so many people consider Click.org to be one of the “essentials” to running an online business.

I am squarely in that camp as well.

That being said, I wasn’t always the rabid fan of Click.org I am today, but that’s just because I didn’t understand exactly what was offered by this platform. Now that I’ve had more than enough time to play around with it – and see the results (in real time, no less) come pouring in for my online business I’ve been converted.

Here are just a few of the things I love about Click.org.

Real – and I mean REAL – geo-targeting

If we as online marketers have learned anything, and I mean anything at all, about what makes a marketing campaign a smashing success it would have to be that targeting trumps almost everything.

Whether this means a laser focusing on a specific niche as opposed to casting a gigantic net or geo-targeting each and every one of our campaigns – using different languages, dialects, or slang to really hone in and hit that personality that the geo-area trusts more than anything – targeting is the ultimate when it comes to making money (online or off).

Thanks to Click.org, you’re going to have the ability to really geo-target your advertisements and campaigns. You’ll be able to push specific traffic from specific regions of the planet to specific campaigns set up for those people – and those people only – while moving the rest of the traffic to their designate campaigns at the exact same time. This is a completely automated system for geo-targeting, and one of the most seamless ever delivered. I absolutely love it, and you will too.

IP rotation and redirection allows me to maximize my ROI

Spending money to acquire customers is a real drag, but is essential when you’re in the online marketplace.

However, anything – and everything – someone can do to maximize the return on investment from trying to capture customers should be done at every opportunity. That being said, sometimes you just won’t be able to convert a visitor no matter what, even on multiple return visits – it’s just not going to happen.

But with Click.org, you increase your chances to turn that visitor into a paying customer by redirecting that specific IP to new offers, new landing pages, or new joint venture or affiliate programs entirely – hopefully reactivating them and turning them into someone that gives you money.

This is one of the things that I’ve always wanted to leverage in the online marketing world, but one I was never able to do as seamlessly, as simply, and as straightforward as I can with Click.org.

I know, I know – I probably sound like some sort of fan boy. But I don’t care. Click.org has changed the way I go about optimizing my online business, and I think it can do the same for you. Check out Click.org for yourself by signing up for an account, but don’t be surprised if you become a raving fan just like me!