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How do you win writing prizes By entering only those prizes which have a track record of being honest
Curiously some folk whom promote story contests think they are a fun way to make money. So they can put up a web site that costs them nothing obtain a 10 domain name advertise an attractive array of cash rewards that they have no goal of paying out hype his or her offer with exclamation signifies and breathless replicate generated by a product sales software program.
And hope to pocket a a few figure sum with three months.
When this does not happen and to get more than 100 paying out entries for some tournament announced by a in the past unknown organiser is usually a miracle they will banned the site start another scam under a different name and use a lot more punctuation.
This is strange since the only way to make money in almost any business and many dependable contests are corporations is to build the customer relationship over time since they can be scrupulously honest. Thats not simply just moralising. Win prizes Its tested business oriented sense.
Here are the tell-tale hints of a hungry contest promoter who does not have commercial sense-
The promoter has no noticeable credentials in literature academia or business.
You have never heard of the idol judges or cannot very easily check on them. Even worse no judges are usually named.
The text in the contest web site or even announcement shows proof illiteracy. If a sweepstakes cannot even place its apostrophes in the right place – is it qualified to review your story
The competition does not showcase the work of previous champions. Why not Unless the competition has not been run just before the organisers really should lust to flaunt this particular proof of their experience and not least inspire future entrants to get a similar fame.
If the winning stories tend to be showcased were these people – in your view – worthy of a good award If not you could understandably feel encouraged to enter the contest simply because you think you could very easily beat the previous champions.
In fact if the reports are mediocre yet – inexplicably space they still won money ask yourself- do the organisers write the stories them selves If so did many people ever hand out any cash prizes
To put it differently watch for contests that seem to be run ineptly andor solely to be a get-rich-quick machine. Please note- nothing is wrong in building a contest to make money. Solely bodies with big public relations budgets or perhaps taxpayer funding are able to afford to run a contest unable for goodwill alone.
But the profits gained by simply most reputable contest promoters are no a lot more than beer money.
Quite a few organizers run a challenges a for fun along with b because – having been a professional writer all their life in addition to experienced the wretched problems of breaking into produce in their early a long time – they truly want to encourage copy writers who are newly experiencing these problems. The champions together might make a lot more profit than they perform.
These are the reputable coordinators. Often they are local producing groups that consist of honest well-meaning people. As well as authors who honestly want to read others stories. They really like spinning a little opposition prize magic
However there are many others – like contest mills that exist just to make money. Their standards are dubious and you might not even have the prizes they promise. So watch out for coordinators who are too certainly hungry. Win prizes

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