Are online contests real

How do you earn a trusted and profitable income from writing honors It all depends on your current approach. Here are several ideas distilled from the experience of a great number of veteran contest those who win.
Study your industry first. Dont do a tale then look for a competition. The professional way is to determine what the market wishes then shape a program for it.
So you would choose a list of point out a dozen good tournaments with a large complete prize sum. You would adapt a story just for those major contests.
If possible look at the experiences that won these contests before. In the event the organizers dont distribute them ask why. Perform the stories exist Do the organizers also pay out the winning prize money
Your scepticism may be out of place which has a reputable contest which has been around a while. But some obscure contests are generally run just to earn money and they may well be a scams. Are online contests real
Look at a story youve written before. Maybe its just a draft. Today tidy it up just for that contest. Therefore the contest demands beginning from a sentence If merely I had known after that what I know today… its not difficult to take a story that will already exists and also shape your pre-written story entirely around that.
Be original within your adaptation. If the tournament demands that items be on many foreign holiday topic the obvious idea is to locate your story in many exotic tourist location. But every other contestant will likely be doing that. Find a new angle- The wonderful getaway I almost continued and why Now i am glad I didnt.
When you write a brand new story for that contest create it so you can adapt it and enter it in a lot of other competitions later or even together. How By having it to the several themes lengths as well as other demands of each competition.
The biggest reason that entries fail apart from poor writing is that they do not match the story especially the brief. In the event the contest demands 2000 words on a particular topic dont submit 2500 words and on a different theme fully
That might sound noticeable but every match judge will ensure that countless contestants complete exactly that.
Theres usually no problem in distributing the same essential account to several contests offered you adapt the story plot significantly to each competition. But study the contest rules. Many care-free writers dont examine thesmall print and its exactly why they fail.
Glimpse on each match story as a creation that you make to acquire money. Of course youll be able to still have pleasure via creating it however your writing is no longer an activity. Its a serious completely new source of income.
So dont get emotionally attached to a tale. It may succeed or even flop for many motives beyond your control. When its possible to assume that attitude you will have become a professional sweepstakes entrant. And thats a win-win revenue engine Are online contests real

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