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What is FreshChat

What is FreshChat and What is it Used For?

What Is FreshChat, and Why Do Businesses Use it? FreshChat is a cloud-based consumer support tool created to link services with clients in real time. It features chatbots, preloaded responses and in-depth analytics for improved service provision.

The platform also provides customer journey automation and multilingual capabilities, enabling businesses to automate marketing efforts while providing self-service for users.

What is FreshChat?

FreshChat is an advanced messaging software built specifically for sales and customer engagement teams to connect with prospects and customers across multiple channels – your website, mobile app and social pages – including features like triggered messages, in-app campaigns and sales bots as well as contextual information and intelligent message routing.

As well as helping businesses increase customer engagement and response time by consolidating multiple communication channels into one, this also allows agents to access chat requests from different platforms without becoming confused or overwhelmed.

Additionally, it provides agents with key live chat features designed to allow them to effectively respond to visitors. These include automatically assigning conversations based on team member load or round robin basis and helping visitors by viewing their screens and leading them to solutions.

Furthermore, this tool enables you to easily create FAQs for visitors in case they have further inquiries that need further explanation. Customizable and easily integrated into chat windows in minutes – adding this section is key!

Customise it in the language that works best for your business! Messenger supports over 33 languages so you can personalize its appearance to match.

Freshchat stands out with its advanced dashboard, which gives a real-time overview of conversation trends, productivity metrics and team member performance. Furthermore, you can download reports as reference tools.

Freshchat integrates seamlessly with various business intelligence (BI) tools to produce business-focused metrics tailored to your company. This feature is particularly beneficial to companies with a large volume of chats as it helps identify which areas require improvement within support services.

The platform offers five plans, each offering different features. For instance, its free plan allows up to 100 agents and unlimited contacts and basic live chat and marketing analytics tools; however it may be expensive for small businesses looking for chatbot solutions.

What is FreshChat used for?

FreshChat is an engagement platform specifically tailored for customer support, sales and marketing teams. Combining messaging, automation and analytics into real time conversations with your target audience. Features of FreshChat include proactive campaigns, integrations and artificial intelligence (AI).

Your customer intelligence, third-party apps and messaging tools will all be accessible from a central platform with our unified inbox and CRM-style contact manager. Furthermore, individual customer profiles can be converted to accounts assigned directly to specific team members so you can target VIP customers as well as active clients interested in specific products or services more efficiently.

The platform offers a variety of reporting and analytics tools – both historical and real-time reports – which allow you to keep track of client journeys, complete satisfaction ratings and staff member efficiency in real-time. Furthermore, this tool features an impressive collection of metrics and insights designed to assist your team with decision making.

Freshchat widgets allow you to tailor their appearance to match the brand or design of your site, while providing access to FAQ tags which display pertinent FAQ categories or articles when someone opens them – this can be especially helpful when browsing payment-related pages, or having moved onto delivery-related ones.

Additionally, this tool enables you to restore user conversations from users who initiate chats from different devices or browsers – a feature especially helpful when dealing with support requests and inquiries on behalf of agents.

Example: if a customer purchases an item through Shopify’s website, your live chat agent could transfer their order ID directly into a chatbot to answer questions about it – saving both you and your customer time and effort while creating an enhanced customer experience.

This tool also enables you to build chatbots for use on websites or mobile apps, allowing for interactive messages that are triggered by events such as user action, visitor location or even just buttons or free text input for responses.

FreshChat pricing plans

FreshChat is an advanced customer support solution with an easy user interface and comprehensive feature set, suitable for various business requirements. They offer various pricing plans to fit different business budgets.

Their free plan offers the most cost-effective option with up to 100 agents and 100 campaign contacts, chatbots and one of the most comprehensive mobile SDKs I’ve seen in a free tool.

FreshChat stands out with their intelligent bots that can identify and respond to customer inquiries accurately, create personalized messages based on customer data, or even trigger actions based on behavior patterns.

Consumer experience management (CEM) is an efficient method for boosting your customer care while simultaneously increasing and cutting costs performance, with approximately 15% increased client retention as a result of CEM execution.

At its core, eChat makes life simpler for your team by enabling them to answer phone calls and handle emails simultaneously while managing tickets remotely.

Addicted? They offer free trials. Plus, their pricing options should fit any budget.

Start exploring FreshChat by checking out their free plan, which enables you to manage up to 100 customers and 100 tickets each month. Plus, there’s plenty of other features and paid upgrades to enhance customer satisfaction! Plus an awesome customer support team who can assist if any help or advice are required.

FreshChat benefits

Freshchat is a customer engagement software designed to assist businesses in communicating with their customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps, while also offering support via email and chat.

FreshChat can help small and enterprise businesses alike retain and convert customers. You can send automated messages that promote loyalty, create brand advocates, and prompt repurchases – not to mention its customer journey builder which makes tracking results easy as well as sending targeted content.

Customer Portal This feature includes a customer portal to enable interactions between you and customers using an interface similar to that found in traditional websites, but that can also be viewed on any mobile device.

With the ability to set office hours and send messages based on when people initiate conversations, this feature makes managing customer support teams much simpler. You can also monitor staff performance as well as download visitor data as CSV files.

The software also allows you to assign conversations based on an agent’s skill level, enabling multiple channels for sales, demos, delivery services and more.

FreshChat provides businesses with an important team chat tool that enables teams to work collaboratively from one platform. This feature helps enhance communication and productivity among your employees.

FreshChat’s Customer Journey Builder is an invaluable asset in marketing your products and services to customers. It allows you to automate workflows that connect with them when placing orders or soliciting feedback, sending automated emails or SMS notifications of order placement or feedback requests.

Create custom flow templates that reflect your brand and product using our flow builder tool, or test out automation processes before going live.

System software also allows you to schedule messages based on user behavior, location, and activity – helping you reach out to your target audience at the perfect moment, increasing conversion rates in the process.

LiveChat is an effective solution for businesses of any kind, yet does not boast as many features as some of its competitors. Notably, it lacks integration with Zapier compared to some other live chat tools and fewer pre-built email templates are offered than their rivals.

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What is FreshDesk

FreshDesk Review

FreshDesk is a customer assistance platform created to give companies all of the features needed for supplying superior customer care, as well as lining up sales, marketing, and client assistance teams to supply customers with more effective assistance.

FreshDesk’s knowledge management platform makes it simple and fast to create problem-solving content quickly, whether that means offering minimal self-service portals or developing full knowledge bases for customers.

What is FreshDesk?

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service and help desk solution designed to improve companies’ support of customers more effectively. Offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored specifically to a company’s needs, Freshdesk allows businesses to streamline processes while providing multichannel support while helping customer agents become more productive through automations and game mechanics.

Freshworks, a software company founded by Girish Mathrubootham and Shan Krishnasamy in 2010 in San Mateo, California and now serving over 40,000 clients through various products, is responsible for Freshbooks Invoice.

This software features an intuitive and straightforward user experience, enabling customers to communicate directly with them via email, chat and other methods. Furthermore, there are tools provided for tracking customer satisfaction and reporting purposes.

There are numerous plans available, both free and paid versions, each providing for different numbers of agents and supporting options. It also features add-on features like field team management and appointment booking.

Freshdesk also offers an iOS and Android mobile app to provide users with an overview of all their tickets, ticket routing/prioritization features, one-click automations, collaborative ticketing features that enable teams to merge tickets among themselves and assign tickets accordingly, as well as one-click automations.

Workflow automations and SLA management features of Zendesk are invaluable when it comes to effectively handling customer service complexity and ensuring timely responses for your customers. Use it to set reminders or escalated plans as per SLA agreements, monitor customer feedback and generate detailed reports on agent productivity.

Freshdesk stands out by offering a free plan tailored specifically for small and start-up businesses, complete with email and telephone support – while offering paid plans with more advanced features for more established enterprises.

Freshdesk is an affordable cloud-based customer support and help desk software solution, ideal for providing reliable support services at an economical rate. E-commerce businesses looking for cost-effective customer care will find this software suitable.

Setting up a FreshDesk account

Freshdesk is an intuitive customer support software with a suite of tools and features designed to assist your team in providing superior service. Support for multiple channels – chat, email, phone callbacks and social media channels are included – makes for seamless customer care experience across channels and allows your help desk to adapt seamlessly with changing business needs.

Your account can be customized for an individual agent or entire department, as well as use an admin-level account for managing multiple teams and assigning tickets. Notifications and canned responses can also be configured, SLAs managed and progress tracked on tickets.

Once you have an account with Freshdesk, you can log in using your email and password to manage agents, user roles and subscription costs.

If you use Azure Active Directory (AD), Freshdesk’s Azure AD integration provides single sign-on (SSO). This feature enables your team to easily access applications in the cloud via just one click. Use the SSO setup wizard or create a test user to connect Britta Simon in Freshdesk and configure AD SSO with Freshdesk.

To enable SSO with Azure, the first step should be granting Freshdesk access to your Microsoft 365 tenant. To do this, navigate to the Business Applications area of your Azure website and choose it from the list of readily available applications.

Once you’ve added Freshdesk to your Microsoft 365 tenant, use the SSO Configuration Wizard to add users and groups. Or add Freshdesk directly into Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) users by selecting Freshdesk app from Users and Groups list and clicking Add.

Freshdesk integrates seamlessly with other apps by linking it with over 1,500 integrations available in the Zapier marketplace, enabling you to automate and streamline processes across your organization.

Integrating Freshdesk and Hootsuite allows you to instantly convert social media interactions into support tickets – increasing productivity while guaranteeing customers receive optimal service.

Integrating Freshdesk and Salesforce will assist in managing both customer support and sales teams more effectively, especially those of B2B companies with many accounts and quickly updating knowledge bases and tracking customer orders. This integration provides quick ways for customer support representatives to keep customers up-to-date while keeping track of orders placed via Freshdesk.

Customizing FreshDesk according to your business needs

Freshdesk provides several features that can assist in supporting customers, including an easy-to-use ticketing system, help desk portal, knowledge base, automation and reporting & analytics capabilities. Furthermore, Freshdesk has multichannel plans which enable customer support via telephone calls, emails, social media sites such as Facebook and chatbots.

Customize your support portal to match the brand image of your organization and make navigation as straightforward for customers as possible. Do this by either importing one of several themes available or building one yourself; alternatively use the code editor for making fine-grained changes.

As an example, you could add custom fields to the contact form that give agents more context when dealing with customer tickets, making it easier for them to prioritize tickets and meet customers’ needs. Furthermore, using the Dispatch module you can automate ticket workflows.

As well, you can create pre-written responses for common customer situations and distribute them across teams in order to speed up customer service requests. Furthermore, shared inboxes allow teams to collaborate more closely when responding to tickets.

Freshdesk provides many built-in reports and analysis tools that enable you to keep tabs on the performance of your team, such as customizable charts that can be filtered by agent, team or support type; additionally, PDF versions can also be exported of these reports.

Freshdesk integration can also save time when updating customer databases or offering new products or services.

Customize the help desk portal to match your company’s image and brand colors for an experience your users won’t soon forget – something which may encourage them to revisit the platform in future. Furthermore, import pre-installed Freshthemes to give the support portal an attractive makeover.

Using FreshDesk for knowledge management and self-service support

Knowledge management is an integral component of customer service, and FreshDesk makes it simple to create self-service portals and document FAQs with this software. Plus, automated responses and live chat support provide rapid responses for frequently asked questions.

This platform allows you to capture employee updates and distribute tickets directly to agents who are in the field or available to resolve an issue, helping teams work more effectively together while speeding up resolution times.

Utilizing an effective knowledge management solution enables you to maintain content, control access permissions and organize articles and FAQs search-friendly manner. Furthermore, adding images such as photographs can easily explain processes.

Knowledge base software should offer unrestricted edits, multilingual support, and unlimited storage capacity. Furthermore, its interface should be search-friendly while offering mobile-friendly functionality.

Example features for this system could include being able to convert forum posts into tickets in order to keep the community informed, and providing a moderation workflow so any violations of company guidelines don’t immediately become public.

A suitable tool should allow you to easily create tutorials, guides, and FAQs in multiple languages and be search engine optimized (SEO-friendly) so as to help rank better on search engines like Google and Bing.

Make sure that the knowledge management software can be utilized by all members of your team so everyone has easy access and can share answers quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, mobile app support should ensure people can read documents while out and about.

When handling customer information is security, another key aspect to keep in mind. Your solution must protect customers’ privacy and confidentiality by implementing stringent data privacy policies and whitelisting IP ranges, restrict login access for agents, and use single sign on (SSO) scripts to validate credentials.

FreshDesk is a global customer support software used by organizations of all kinds to address customers’ inquiries and complaints. Offering numerous features that enable exceptional support without breaking the bank, FreshDesk helps provide exceptional support without breaking your budget.

What Is The FreshDesk Contact Center?

What Is FreshDesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller)? Freshdesk Contact Center is a cloud-based omnichannel support platform offering ticketing, knowledge base management and collaboration tools.

CallWave’s free plan offers basic call management features for teams with remote agents who require basic call tracking capabilities, while higher plans provide even more premium features and extras.


What Is FreshDesk Contact Center? Freshdesk Contact Center is a cloud contact center and service desk software solution, focused on providing a feature-rich phone system, optimizing support ticketing processes, and using smart automations to enhance agent and customer experiences. Key components include Omnichannel Support (live and automated digital channels), Call Flow Design capabilities and Call Log Management features.

Knowledge Base is an exceptional feature that stands out among its competition, providing customers with a central source of information they can use to self-solve issues or access useful knowledge. Administrators can upload written articles, videos, images, guides and product spec sheets for customers to use themselves; customers then self serve using this source that simplifies complex products and services with easy language. Help Widgets link directly back into this knowledge base where customers can search answers or submit online forms directly.

Notable among other features is the Call Lifecycle tool, which automatically recognizes over 50 pre-, in-, and post-call “Events,” providing real-time insight into call context and agent activity. Summaries generated can then be exported or shared to optimize call flows, agent queue assignments, and agent performance.

Other key features include holiday routing, automatic call distributor and call barging. These capabilities enable you to route inbound calls based on skillset, customer data, business hours and IVR options to specific agents or departments for handling.

Contact Center Messaging allows you to communicate directly with customers using rich messaging features, including files, links, FAQs, carousels, GIFs, emojis images and videos. Furthermore, this tool enables you to embed a chatbox widget onto websites or integrate existing applications via SDKs for real-time customer interactions.

Freshdesk Contact Center is an excellent solution for small to mid-size businesses seeking an AI-powered cloud contact center solution, but if your organization requires more robust call management or campaign monitoring tools it may be wiser to explore RingCentral instead.

Freshdesk and Talkdesk both provide comprehensive contact center capabilities; before choosing one or the other we advise speaking with their sales teams about how the platform works, how it can save you money, and how best to maximize the return on your investment.


What Is FreshDesk Contact Center? Freshdesk Contact Center is a cloud-based phone system designed to allow businesses to run call centers without purchasing hardware. The item is easy to use and can be deployed within minutes; moreover, its pay-as-you-grow strategy makes it an attractive option for smaller sized business.

There are four pricing tiers to choose from with this solution, the Free plan being the optimal option for small businesses while Growth and Pro plans offer more features suitable for larger enterprises. Before choosing one of them it’s essential that you understand which features your needs align with.

With the free plan, you will gain email and social ticketing capabilities as well as knowledge management features and ticket analytics capabilities.

If you require advanced features like automation or chatbots, look at one of the paid plans; specifically the Enterprise plan as this contains AI-powered automation features as well.

Automation can assist streamline consumer support processes, offering your team more time and flexibility to concentrate on other tasks while keeping consumers pleased. This product provides exactly that service!

Freshdesk also provides a 21-day free trial on their paid plans so you can try before committing to one.

Opting for the Omnichannel plan offers all of the same features of Support Desk plan plus additional omnichannel tools such as knowledge bases, customer management systems and AI-powered automations.

As well, you will gain access to dynamic messaging capabilities. This feature enables you to prerecorded messages that pull data from third-party applications for efficient resolution of customer issues quickly and effectively.

Access a curated agent performance report to gain an idea of how agents perform during phone calls, including wait times, handle times and speed of answer statistics. Furthermore, you can track agents’ time taken to complete calls.

Overall, Freshdesk Contact Center is an impressive tool for managing customer relationships and is an exceptional alternative to many other customer support solutions – well worth its affordable price point.


FreshDesk Contact Center The Freshdesk Contact Center is a cloud-based VoIP solution designed to allow businesses to manage customer service from any location around the world. Its flexible interface makes setting up fully remote but connected contact centers simple, while integration with CRM and Helpdesk tools allows sales and support teams to work in tandem more easily than ever before.

Intelligent features like interactive voice response (IVR) and voicebots help enhance customer experiences. Furthermore, this app uses cutting-edge technology to track customer feedback to generate NPS and CSAT scores for scoring purposes.

Software like this likewise makes it possible to keep track of all incoming and outbound chats, calls, e-mails and other kinds of client interaction in between your service and its customers, offering a thorough view of each interaction. Customer care management is an essential element of organization success; therefore it is important that your group can access all essential info rapidly in order to effectively answer customer questions.

This software stands out from its peers with numerous impressive capabilities, including AI-powered chatbots and an agent dashboard to monitor and engage with incoming calls. Furthermore, it features voice-enabled IVR functionality as well as an intelligent post-call transcription solution.

Freshdesk Contact Center meets this criteria seamlessly. As its cloud-based system is hosted on AWS – known for its robust security steps – you can rest easy understanding your information is safe while your personnel can perform their responsibilities effectively.

To determine if Freshdesk Contact Center is right for you, the best way is to use their free plan and 21-day free trial period. Once done, it’s up to you whether its paid plans make sense as an investment.

Customer Support

Freshdesk Contact Center is an advanced customer support application with many advanced features, such as AI automation, ticketing and collaborative omnichannel customer support. This software service is perfect for businesses that want to increase efficiency, boost client fulfillment and reinforce their bottom line through increased profits generation, reduced expenses, customer retention enhancements and client acquisition techniques.

FreshDesk Contact Center was designed to meet all kinds of customer service needs, from tweet monitoring and email support through proactive tweet management, chat messaging and omnichannel ticketing to advanced features for holiday routing, reporting and analytics.

Proactive Messaging leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to automatically engage website visitors at key moments during their customer journey, providing options to select more information. Administrators can trigger messages based on website visitor actions or intent, such as navigation path, agent notes, conversation labels or customer data from CRM integrations.

Smart Answer Bots use AI and NLU to address high-level customer issues without the assistance of live agents. These bots offer contextual answers via voice or digital channels and collect vital caller data before connecting customers to live agents for resolution.

These AI-powered bots can interact with customers via text, email, social media messaging and provide multilingual support services. Furthermore, these AI bots can offer canned response suggestions from knowledge base articles as well as trigger specific actions upon being activated by predetermined triggers – making their services convenient and user-friendly!

Freshdesk provides more than chatbots; we also offer voice and digital communication tools such as website chat, SMS texting, WhatsApp, and social media messaging. All these tools work seamlessly within an omnichannel Team Inbox to allow agents to track conversations in real-time while collaborating together on them with ease.

As agents can share files, links, FAQs, carousels, GIFs, images, emojis, videos and calendars with customers via multiple messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger Twitter Instagram and Apple Messages – agents can communicate effectively and share all types of files/links/FAQs etc with ease.

Freshdesk Contact Center also provides round-the-clock training and onboarding resources for new employees, providing them with a unique way to learn the product at their own pace, making onboarding simpler when time zone differences make learning challenging.

What is FreshMarketer

FreshMarketer Review

FreshMarketer is an all-in-one marketing automation solution that enables you to run A/B tests, split URL testing and funnel analytics with ease. Plus it includes heatmaps solution and session replay feature to track customer behavior on your website!

With FreshMarketer, you can design interactive journeys that increase engagement and conversions. Plus, its automation capability lets you send contextual emails at just the right moment!


FreshMarketer is a marketing automation software designed to create exceptional buyer experiences and foster collaboration between sales and marketing teams. Users can utilize it to launch automated email campaigns and design beautiful landing pages using its self-serve landing page builder, while testing and attributing results are also provided by this solution.

Ideal for businesses with a large customer base, customer telemetry helps businesses better understand and segment customer behaviors, improving engagement rates and conversion rates by sending targeted messages to each segment of customers.

FreshMarketer not only allows users to automate email and chat conversations, but it also features advanced features like session replay and heatmap solutions to assist businesses with understanding which parts of their websites visitors prefer and avoid, as well as what types of topics attract or repel site visitors. These capabilities help businesses identify where site visitors are drawn in the first place – this gives a business insight into which parts their visitors find interesting versus those which repel.

The app also provides teams with templates that make email creation and distribution easy, and lets them test and tweak messaging in real-time across devices.

Additionally, this tool offers funnel analysis and custom polls to directly solicit responses from website visitors, allowing businesses to assess different aspects of their marketing campaigns to determine how effective they are.

FreshMarketer integrates with other Freshworks products for an enhanced marketing experience, including Zapier, Shopify, WooCommerce Magento Asana and Trello to enable businesses to connect their FreshMarketer account to other business systems and automate marketing tasks.

Bidirectional sync with Freshsales allows users to track leads and contacts instantly, providing sales and marketing professionals with one source of truth for customer data, thus decreasing frustration among team members while helping teams collaborate more effectively.

Freshmarketer provides customizable CRM features such as auto-profile enrichment that automatically update leads or contacts’ account details, saving time on repetitive tasks and saving users valuable time in their day-to-day workflows.

Overall, Freshmarketer is an effective marketing automation solution designed to increase customer engagement and drive increased sales for small businesses. Its competitive pricing structure and comprehensive suite of integrated marketing tools make this investment worthwhile for any enterprise.


FreshMarketer provides marketing teams with a complete marketing automation platform designed for fast-paced teams. It enables you to automate email marketing, tailor highly personalized journeys, optimize conversion processes and reveal key analytics that increase return on marketing investments.

Freshsales offers many features tailored specifically to marketers and sales people, including bidirectional Freshsales synchronization for seamless collaboration between teams. Furthermore, AI chatbots and automation tools help manage marketing campaigns across various channels.

Create segments based on properties like geography, behavior and demography in order to send customized email campaigns directly. Auto-profile enrichment also makes it easy to integrate public information such as social media profiles into your marketing database.

Our software application is available in 4 rates tiers, each offering additional functions that permit your marketing campaigns to reach a broader audience. Payments can be made monthly or annually with annual plans offering a 17% discount across all price tiers.

Freshmarketer’s free plan provides small businesses with an ideal way to test its features and see how well they fit within your startup environment. However, as soon as your business begins expanding rapidly you should consider upgrading to one of its other plans.

Freshmarketer provides various subscription plans tailored to the unique needs of its users. Pro is currently the most popular tier, beginning at $149 monthly when paid annual.

Other tiers available for startups and mid-sized businesses include Growth and Garden tiers, which provide similar features but at reduced costs than Pro.

Every tier offers a 21-day trial period to give your company the chance to evaluate if it fits its unique requirements and budget. Each tier offers its own set of features; ensure that you select one which best meets both.

This software works with all significant CRM platforms, allowing you to shop and gain access to client information in one central place. Furthermore, web forms make lead capture simpler on websites while managing customer support teams provide consistent cross-channel experiences for customers.


Freshmarketer is a marketing automation software developed by Freshworks that helps businesses manage email campaigns more efficiently, enhance websites and track user behavior. It features email marketing, landing page creation, A/B testing, website analytics and heat maps among its features.

Heat maps allow you to see exactly where visitors are clicking on your website, giving you insight into areas for improvement and measuring conversion rates and customer satisfaction to assess whether the changes implemented have worked as planned.

Customizable reports and data collection in real time is also easy, providing real-time metrics analysis that you can tailor exactly to the way your customers interact with your website and whether or not they take any action on it. This feature can help measure customer interaction time on site as well as whether customers take desired action or leave.

Overall, Freshmarketer is an effective marketing automation solution suitable for businesses of any size. Setup and implementation are quick and painless; its tools have been specifically tailored for users without prior marketing experience.

Additionally, its customer support is excellent with online ticketing and knowledge base available around the clock, plus phone or live chat support to connect to a representative for help.

Freshmarketer does have some drawbacks, including an awkward learning curve for troubleshooting small bugs and an unstable infrastructure; however, its extensive range of features make it a valuable solution for businesses seeking to automate their marketing strategies.

Send Time Optimization (STO) can also assist in optimizing email campaigns by delivering them at optimal times for optimal open and engagement rates. By enriching time zone information in contacts’ records, this feature enables email delivery at optimal times to increase engagement rates and open rates.

Freshmarketer also offers tools that can enhance customer experiences on websites, such as heat maps and session replay. These can be especially helpful for e-commerce or service businesses that must understand customer interactions on their websites in order to identify areas for enhancement.


FreshMarketer is an email marketing software with multiple integrations and compatibilities with various tools and platforms that make setting up and running marketing campaigns across various channels (such as emails and text messages) easier than ever.

Marketing technology also supports several essential marketing tactics, such as email segmentation and content personalization, which help marketing teams create a more personalized customer experience while turning leads into paying customers.

Freshmarketer stands out as an invaluable marketing tool thanks to its ability to track customers through their journey and map out their preferences, helping you understand them and enhance marketing efforts. Plus, its capability of tracking activity like emails or website interactions means it lets you keep tabs on them all the way!

Advanced analytics on this platform offer you a detailed view of your campaign’s performance and ROI, plus allow you to generate custom reports and dashboards.

Freshmarketer makes automating email campaigns easy with its triggers, which can be set off when customers click a link or complete forms in your account, or other events occur within it.

Integrating other apps using API integrations provides another great feature to help busy professionals do their jobs more quickly and efficiently. These integrations enable information to move between web apps without writing any code – perfect for those needing to complete their task efficiently!

Freshmarketer makes it simple to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts with its integrated system that tracks performance and ROI, including email deliverability rates, open rates and more.

Integrations between Sales and Customer Service tools enable you to more efficiently track customer data. Keep all contact records in one convenient place and leverage them as efficiently as possible.

Freshmarketer goes beyond basic capabilities by communicating product updates and business news to both your customers and internal audiences, informing both about product releases or any company news which could increase engagement or conversion rates.

What is FreshSales

FreshSales Review

FreshSales CRM software offers an expansive set of features designed to assist your sales team in closing more deals, such as lead management, contact management, pipeline tracking, customizable automation rules for email and SMS marketing as well as analytics with smart insights.

Integrations with other software applications boost productivity and automate tasks – making this an excellent solution for startups and small businesses looking to improve marketing and customer service efforts.


FreshSales CRM software suite offers an array of features designed to assist in streamlining the sales process, such as tracking leads and managing contacts, monitoring conversations, creating sales calendars and scheduling appointments with customers – plus many other useful features to help enhance business.

Freshsales’ contact management system utilizes AI-powered contact scoring and timeline of engagement with your brand to enable more strategic targeting of prospects. It identifies optimal contact times to connect with them faster by prioritizing leads with greater likelihood of conversion.

Workflow management is another essential feature, enabling you to set tasks, appointments, reminders and activities for team members in real-time. This makes managing work more manageable while making collaboration across geographies and time zones much simpler for your team.

Other essential CRM features include an inbuilt phone dialer, email templates, and the capability of sending personalized bulk emails. Each feature can be tailored to fulfill your particular needs while still showing your business’s branding.

The CRM provides several reporting options, including customizable reports that allow users to monitor sales pipelines, identify bottlenecks and move deals forward to closure. All reports can easily be customized before being exported into Excel for further analysis.

Freshsales can also be combined with other Freshworks products such as marketing automation and help desk software to unify all your sales and marketing processes and boost revenue.

Overall, Freshsales is an impressive yet straightforward software suite that can help your organization generate leads and close more sales. With its user-friendly interface and AI-powered automation features, Freshsales creates personalized experiences for each of its customers – something traditional CRM solutions cannot.

Freshsales’ customer support is slightly above average, offering live chat assistance 24 hours per day as well as easily read help articles that have limited formatting or font sizes.


FreshSales is a cloud-based CRM (customer relationship management) solution designed to assist businesses in automating and tracking leads, sales, deals and deals in general. Furthermore, FreshSales features and functionality help users increase sales productivity.

Freshsales offers both free and paid plans to provide additional functionality, from basic to enterprise plans that offer multichannel communication solutions, contact repository functionality and marketing automation tools.

Software features powerful reporting and analytics functions that provide sales teams with insights into prospects’ engagement levels, context and online behavior in order to tailor communications in the most impactful manner. Businesses can then send personalized emails or calls based on these insights.

Moreover, this software also has 24-hour available support in place for users who have any questions or issues they might be experiencing with the CRM system. Furthermore, self-service tools and tutorials on using it are also provided.

Freshsales provides small businesses on a tight budget an economical and straightforward solution. Their basic plan covers all the essentials, while users can upgrade as their business expands.

The platform provides four paid tiers – Blossom, Garden, Estate and Forest – each designed for specific types of businesses.

Each tier is billed on either a monthly or yearly basis and pricing excludes applicable taxes. For instance, an organization with 18 employees who use the Growth tier over 180 months would pay $72 monthly, or $69 annually.

Freshsales does not offer discounts or special deals to nonprofit organizations on its platform; however, the vendor provides helpful resources and suggestions that can assist nonprofits with using its CRM system.

As with any software application, it is a good idea to take into consideration how long you intend on utilizing a CRM prior to choosing whether a regular monthly or annual membership would be more cost-efficient for your particular needs. In some instances, paying annually may even save money over time!

Freshsales is a cloud-based CRM service developed to fulfill the requirements of companies of all sizes. Its flexible pricing plans and intuitive interface enable users to track leads, sales opportunities and deals easily while offering customizable features to increase sales revenue and profitability.

Customization options

FreshSales CRM/sales software suite was specifically created for small to medium-sized businesses. Offering robust features including bulk actions, pipelines and integrations at an economical price point makes FreshSales an excellent choice for companies on tight budgets.

Another powerful advantage is its adaptability to your business processes, with customizable lifecycle stages and modules for tracking specific information that a contact might need. Customizable options such as text fields, date pickers and formula fields help capture more of their unique information about them.

These functions enable you to watch on the activities of your sales group and guarantee they’re meeting their targets efficiently. Furthermore, there’s the option to organize users into teams as well as set auto-assignment rules for new leads and chats.

FreshSales’ customizable main navigation sidebar enables you to change the appearance and functionality of your CRM as your needs evolve, such as adding calendar events and customizing dashboard layout.

Similar to your mobile app, the mobile app can also be configured to feature your company logo and pertinent details about it. Accessible on any device, it features emailing, notes, meetings and phone calls functionality – perfect for keeping everyone up-to-date.

FreshSales offers an intuitive user experience and its interface can quickly be learned. Many users have been delighted by how simple the setup and implementation processes were compared to platforms like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365.

FreshSales makes inbox syncing and data migration simple thanks to its straightforward walkthroughs, with integration into Outlook and Gmail as key draws, while its built-in chat widget unify client communications for efficient management.

FreshSales’ free platform is an effective starting point for small companies that need simple contact and pipeline management, but the paid plans offer even more powerful functionality – particularly thanks to Freddy AI.

Freddy AI helps sales teams predict when prospects are likely to convert, which allows them to close deals faster. Automating tasks and simplifying follow up makes for less work for busy sales representatives; additionally, the platform also enables team members to monitor deal progress and create reports.


FreshSales CRM solution was created to assist businesses in quickly closing more deals at an accelerated rate. It features AI-powered lead scoring, visual deal pipelines, intelligent workflow automation and customizable reports and dashboards – all designed to increase sales productivity.

The solution provides an array of communication and marketing tools designed to facilitate customer engagement, such as telephony, email, text messaging and live chat support. Furthermore, it includes a centralized contact repository which allows teams across the business to easily access contact data and histories.

CRM systems enable users to go beyond these basic tools by providing users with tools for segmenting leads based on qualification criteria, enabling sales representatives to automatically send relevant content based on leads’ preferences.

CRM database also offers an activity timeline for every contact, which covers engagement and communication history. Furthermore, public information like social media pages are used to update contact data within CRM database.

As for marketing, FreshSales comes equipped with an intelligent marketing automation toolkit for conversion rate optimization, list management and customer segmentation – not to mention features for creating customized landing pages.

Freddy, an AI tool in the system, gives marketers insight into their contacts’ likely conversion rates so they can plan meetings and follow-ups more efficiently.

Information like this can reveal whether a contact has visited your office, what their former job title was or where they live currently – all information which can help improve outreach efforts and increase sales.

As these functions, this service is likewise compatible with a variety of applications including e-mail services, social media and online kinds advertisements.

With these integrations, you can automate your sales and marketing processes with just a few clicks of a button – saving time while speeding up completion times for tasks completed and decreasing errors.

FreshSales integrations that assist with pipeline management processes are highly sought-after, such as those which automate leads, contacts, and opportunities in FreshSales from email messages, online forms, social media ads or other apps. These tools make this possible.

What is FreshService?

FreshService is an IT Service Management (ITSM) cloud platform designed to empower IT teams to provide superior IT support services. Fast and simple set up, easy to use and economically priced.

The software can be utilized for IT service management, customer support, HR administration and facility management purposes. It offers plug and play ITIL certification, AI automation capabilities and integrations.


Freshservice offers IT Service Management (ITSM) platforms with various pricing plans and options designed to meet the unique requirements of every business. It boasts an intuitive UI and configurable settings to meet specific requirements; plus integration with popular cloud services for fast deployment.

Freshservice provides essential features, including help desk support, knowledge base search/browsing/sharing, incident and SLA management, change/release management and more. In addition to these core features, Freshservice also offers add-ons like asset tracking and reporting that expand on its core offerings.

Freshservice comes equipped with various tools and features designed to promote user adoption, such as helping request submission on their own and direct them towards an agent who can resolve it immediately.

Another key feature is the ability to quickly create tickets, problems, changes and releases by customizing templates with any information needed, from text boxes and drop-down lists to checkboxes and checkmarks. This enables you to quickly create tickets without manually inputting details.

Change and release management systems enable your IT department to adapt quickly to changing organizational needs, including preparing changes before they become issues, coordinating new releases across departments, and sending CAB approval requests through one platform.

Freshservice goes beyond these core features to offer IT teams detailed reports about how their services are performing, which allow IT managers to optimize business and IT strategies, as well as track overall performance.

The platform also offers a mobile app to enable agents to monitor and respond to tickets on-the-go, collaborate with other agents and collaborate better overall. This helps increase customer engagement and reduce support costs by eliminating unneeded calls or emails.

This platform offers free plans for up to three agents and paid plans starting from $20 per agent/month; there is also a 21-day free trial available; however, please keep in mind that these may not meet the IT support needs of larger enterprises.

Getting Started

FreshService is an ITIL-compliant service desk software with an emphasis on usability. It offers various IT service management functions such as incident, problem, change release and asset management to help users manage their IT services more effectively.

Freshservice’s user interface is intuitive, empowering users to self-manage most issues and reduce agent workload, simplifying ITIL compliance while freeing teams to focus on improving business performance.

Knowledge bases help IT members reduce workload by providing answers and articles about common issues, with guidance for resolution. This is particularly effective if the issue relates to specific products or sources.

Freshservice’s asset register enables IT teams to efficiently keep an inventory of their assets, helping them quickly distribute them when required.

Freshservice is a cloud-based IT service desk used by over 10,000 SMB, midmarket, and enterprise customers worldwide. Available as a free 21-day trial or with monthly and yearly plans.

Gamification features in IT management engage users in an enjoyable IT management experience, increasing productivity and helping to keep employees focused on what really matters: providing exceptional customer support. In addition, this ITIL-certified ITSM tool helps align IT teams with best practices to increase performance within organizations.

As soon as you’re ready to get going, take advantage of a 21-day free trial or choose from one of four paid plans: Blossom Garden Estate Forest (BGEF). Each offers unique functionality.

Freshservice’s comprehensive project management system makes creating professional-grade projects effortless from the ground up. The real-time project dashboard enables you to effortlessly monitor, assess and track every phase of a project as it progresses.

Furthermore, this software boasts impressive collaboration features, where team members can add comments to any given project in real-time and monitor its development in real time.

SLA Management helps IT teams organize users and their service levels into groups according to source, product or specific user group in order to prioritize user issues in an orderly fashion and ensure timely responses are provided – leading to shorter wait times for end-users.

Creating Tickets

FreshService is an ITIL Service Desk on the cloud designed for ease of use, offering core functionalities such as Incident, Problem, Change Release and Asset Management as well as offering customer portal functionality to store knowledge base content.

FreshService makes creating tickets easy, with its ability to filter data based on various parameters – ticket type, location, status agent etc. Plus you can add custom fields so your agents can keep track of information relevant to each ticket they work on.

Assign tickets to individual agents or groups and add details that make navigating the system simpler for customers. Re-categorize tickets and update their properties – or even reclassify them entirely!

Opsgenie’s Freshservice Integration allows you to easily send alerts based on on-call schedules to team members, and escalate them as their status shifts from 2 or 3 to 4 or 5. Furthermore, webhook notifications can be set off when tickets are created or actions taken within existing tickets.

This feature can help you quickly identify and track IT assets such as computers or devices associated with a ticket. This enables you to easily assess any changes to your infrastructure that could potentially have an effect on individual devices and align resources accordingly.

Search IT assets directly from Lansweeper directly within Freshservice to quickly identify and link assets with tickets or change requests quickly and efficiently.

This integration enables you to map different Opsgenie actions with Freshservice actions, such as adding public comments when an alert is acknowledged in Opsgenie. Simply set rules for Send Alert Updates Back to Freshservice and Create Freshservice Tickets for Opsgenie Alerts sections of Freshservice to set this mapping.

Oomnitza Zap allows businesses with multiple support platforms to easily monitor for new tickets on Freshdesk and send all relevant details to Freshservice for creating matching tickets – saving both time and effort in managing workload more effectively by streamlining support ticket management processes.


FreshService’s integrations allow teams to utilize their favorite applications and tools, increasing productivity for all. Users can access their support tickets and dashboards via the FreshService mobile app from anywhere; IT teams can send notifications through WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams apps for incident management purposes, streamlining incident resolution.

Integrations for Freshservice are built upon a cloud platform and marketplace, with connectors and APIs that you can adapt for optimal use at scale. These features ensure an effortless implementation process.

Domotz network monitoring software enables you to proactively manage client networks and devices, creating and updating tickets automatically when specific network or device events take place – this allows for consistency of service levels while offering exceptional customer experiences.

HelloID provides a way for organizations to automate user account creation and offboarding based on employee information from your source system. When changes occur, processes will kick in that ensure users have Freshservice accounts with access to connected IT resources – saving considerable IT staff bandwidth in the process.

This integration also enables you to track the progress of IT projects and identify issues that hinder productivity. Furthermore, its AI workload analysis and management ensure that teams don’t overwork themselves while still providing outstanding service delivery.

Organizations can easily plan new hardware and software releases with its release management tool, offering functionalities such as announcements, document building, starting dates and setting deadlines for their release implementations.

Additionally, IT department can utilize it to analyze risks and plan in advance in order to prevent delays and mistakes that result from hasty planning processes.

Finally, IT asset management software allows your team to track all devices and equipment used as part of its work – including full inventory tracking of assets as well as lifecycle status analysis.

FreshService’s integrations with other applications and tools provide an excellent way to bolster the functionality of your service desk, making your IT department more productive and efficient overall.