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Fat Cow ($4.08/month)

In the modern era, designing a website is no more tedious thing and it’s even more complicated to host it. With all these amazing web hosting services declaring to be the finest, it can very easily mislead anyone.

Here’s where FatCow can be of great help to you.

FatCow has been in the area since 1998, and since then it has introduced a high name for itself. It is owned and managed by EIG (Endurance International Group), the organization that also owns popular hosting brands like Ipage etc.

For at the very least once, FatCow has seen a prime time with its guaranteeing services. Let’s see through this review if it is still the same or you can find even better options on the market.

The majority of websites these days are presenting unreliable prices to suck you in, committing you to a three-year payment or a long- term deal. Or another well-known technique is by first offering a low price trial but then increasing it sharply because now there’s a poor option of you exiting.

But, you can certainly be ensured that FatCow creates none of these maneuvers to trap their customers. There are no techniques, gimmicks associated and this is the real deal. Fat Cow not only offers a cheap hosting plan but also ensures you a 30- day money back offer.

FatCow gives you more or less 4000 professionally designed web icons that would help you upgrade the overall design of your website. The most effective part is that they are thoroughly free. All that fat cow expects is acceptance for its web icons and all you need to do is to add credits for FatCow in your webpage.

FatCow is really good at rewarding their customers with their 24/7 support. The support staff contacts you in a span of a few minutes and are glad to help you with their services. Apart from the Live Chat option, you can also opt for FatCow’s extensive user knowledge base.

The knowledge base assists the users in finding suggestions to the questions about their account, security, policies, emails, files, partnership programs, domains and a good deal more. You can also easily research a keyword, preferably than filtering through the full base.

Most Cheap Hosting services don’t have backup and you have to go for a third party backup plan. But, this is not the case with FatCow. To proteed your data and information FatCow offers a daily backup service, which is surely a huge benefit.


  • No scamming issues with the prices of web hosting.
  • Cheap web hosting plans with a 30- day money-back assurance.
  • Free access to 4000 professionally designed web icons.
  • 24/7 Live Chat support with excellent customer service.
  • The extensive knowledge base that has answers to most of your questions about accounts, emails, domains etc.
  • Free Website Transfers and Domain names for new account sign-ups.
  • Equipped with a daily backup service that secures information.


  • The security features are not free. To make your webpage secure, free of malware and blacklisting, you need to pay for security benefits.
  • pesky, competitive upselling that sets out immediately after you enter your credit card details. Cancelling a trial can also cause charges on your credit card.
  • The slow loading speed of the page can be very irritating.
  • Fails to deliver good uptime with consistency.


FatCow is a wonderful web hoster with fabulous pricing and support. The web icons and the daily backup can can be a huge plus nevertheless the below-average uptime is definitely a huge drawback.

Overall, if you will be buying cheap web hosting facility then this is definitely a great choice inspite of the fact that you would undoubtedly discover the quality like a top-notch expensive web hoster.

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