I absolutely love numbers.

Always have, always will. Yes, I was once that little nerdy kid in the back of a math class pumping out advanced equations for fun – and probably the same kid sitting in the back of the cafeteria all alone making sure that my work was accurate (without peeking in the back of the textbook).

One of the things that pulled me into online entrepreneurship was the promise of being able to track all of the glorious data and numbers with super powerful tools – a promise that let me down time and time again using many of the most “popular” solutions out there.

However, friend turned me onto Click.org and everything changed in an instant. FINALLY I had access to all of the data I was looking for – as well as all of the tools to optimize each and every one of those data sets to crank out as much profit as my business could manage.

Click.org, where all of the numbers you need are at your fingertips

I’ve used different analytic tools in the past – Google analytics and all of the other “big platforms” included – but have been let down by the tools they offer right out of the box. However, Click.org seem different right from the get-go, and that was only the tip of the iceberg.

Not only did I have instant access – and I mean instant access – to all of the reporting, data, and information the moment that someone clicked on one of my links, but I also had the capability to pump out custom reports for any number of special datasets that I wanted. This is the kind of information you need when competing against literally thousands and thousands of competitors all over the Internet.

So many other tools to optimize my online business

However, that was just the beginning of using Click.org.

I started to play around with some of the IP redirection tools for people that were coming from my traffic sources (traffic sources that used to be red-hot but had now grown a little bit cold) and push them to other offers to “reactivate” at these customers. I’d never had this kind of technology before, and it’s put untold amounts of money directly into my bank account just because I was able to shift those dead traffic sources to a better offer.

I know that I’m a little bit behind the curve, so to speak, when it comes to flexible and adaptive Web design – but using the statistics and automatic detection tools about mobile users really pushed me to have a designer overhaul my web properties and make them “mobile ready and mobile friendly”. I probably would have continued to put this off if the data wasn’t staring right in my eyes – thanks to Click.org – and it’s become another source of profit.

Though there are a couple of tools that my business simply couldn’t run without, I would have to include Click.org in that small collection. It’s become that important to me, and I’m sure it would become that important for you.
Check out Click.org the first chance that you get – but move quickly, at their pricing is bound to only go up.