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These are the 16 painful lessons I learned writing 10,211 headlines in 100 days

He set out to write 100 headlines in 100 days for 100 companies. What he found about writing content... and finding his niche... will surprise you.

The post These are the 16 painful lessons I learned writing 10,211 headlines in 100 days appeared first on Copywriting for startups and marketers.

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How to Start a Coaching Business and Look Like a Pro from the Get-Go

So. You want to start coaching. Why wouldn’t you?!? You get one-on-one insights from your audience that you can use to make your blog more interesting, and you can make some money without creating an entire e-course from scratch. Offering coaching on your blog is a smart business decision. But how do you do it?(...)

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Hanapin’s PPC Experts Share How to Boost Your AdWords Quality Score with Landing Pages

A good AdWords Quality Score (think 7 or above) can boost your Ad Rank, your resulting Search Impression Share, and will ultimately help you get your ads served up more often. Today, see three actionable things Hanapin's experts recommend you do with landing pages to achieve the Ad Rank you deserve.

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7 Totally Legitimate Ways to Make Passive Income from Your Blog

You’re skeptical. You hear about bloggers who make money while they sleep — bloggers who take epic vacations or spend all their time with their families, and at the end of each month, they still have money coming in. It sounds too good to be true. Especially when you’re slaving away every day and can(...)

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Get Access to All the Recordings From Marketing Optimization Week

Last week 8,000 marketers joined us as we hosted experts from Drift, Microsoft, Emma, Hanapin, Zapier and many more to share their insights on PPC, strategy, automation and AI. Today, get access to all the session recordings.

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The “Quit Your Job” Checklist: 8 Boxes You Must Tick Before Flipping Off Your Boss

It’s intoxicating, isn’t’ it? Your dream of entrepreneurial freedom. Every spare moment is consumed by your up-and-coming business as you toil, plot and plan. It’s been a side-gig until now because you’re still tethered to your day job. But you can’t wait to march into your boss’s office and plonk your resignation letter on his(...)

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