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The Importance of Testing: How one test applied to two email sends resulted in different audience responses

At MarketingExperiments we promote having a culture of testing and the importance of continually testing, even when you think you know what changes your customers will prefer. Read on to learn how one test applied to two newsletter sends garnered two very different results and reinforced the value of regular testing.

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7 Psychological Tricks for Turning Fleeting Visitors into Loyal Fans

How the heck do they do it? How do your favorite bloggers attract so many gung-ho, drum-thumping followers? Be honest – you’d love to inspire that much loyalty. You try your darndest to emulate them, but nothing seems to work. Your visitors are like water pouring through a strainer. They may come to check out(...)

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Copywriting: 5 proven discoveries that strengthen copy

Great copy isn’t about writing beautiful prose; it’s about knowing what to say to your prospects, when to say it and how to say it so they immediately become engaged, stay engaged, and ultimately buy whatever it is you’re selling. Read on to learn five proven discoveries from MECLABS Institute about writing copy that sells and how to immediately apply them to your own marketing

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[AMA] I’m Michael Aagaard, Senior Conversion Optimizer at Unbounce. Ask Me Anything

What if you had a professional CRO on your side next time you had to run an A/B test? We want to make that happen. On November 30th, Unbounce's Senior Conversion Optimizer Michael Aagaard will be answering your burning questions about conversion rate optimization, A/B testing, conversion research, and everything in between.

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Behind Every Click, There’s a Person [PODCAST]

Every marketer knows the importance of being data-driven — but what happens when you lose sight of the actual person behind the click? This week's episode of the Call to Action podcast explains why you don't have to choose between making your campaigns data-driven or people-focused.

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The Hip Hop Guide to Landing Page Domination

Everything we know about landing pages, we learned from hip hop. Don't believe us? Here are five data-driven landing page lessons straight outta hip hop’s most iconic lyrics.

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