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Is Your Writing Missing This Crucial Ingredient?

Has this happened to you? You spend hours writing a post, wracking your brains for the best ideas and then crafting your words on the page. And then it falls flat. You get only a handful of comments and can count the social media shares on your fingers. And after all the work you’ve put(...)

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The 12 Best Marketing Podcasts to Subscribe to in 2016

Get fit, save money, learn a new skill... you know what I'm talking about: New Year's resolutions. This year, skip the usual suspects and put "Become a better marketer" at the top of your resolutions list. You're already half-way there with our top marketing podcast picks — plus, you can listen to 'em on the treadmill!

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Expert Copywriters Take On the Age-Old Question: Clear or Clever? [VIDEO]

There's a controversial topic among copywriters that has resulted in debate and perhaps even fisticuffs: Should copy be clever, clear or concise? We asked a few talented copywriters — including Joanna Wiebe, Demian Farnworth and Amy Harrison — for their opinion, and their answers might surprise you.

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2015 Year in Review: The most popular posts in optimization, list growth, analytics and digital marketing

Throughout 2015, MarketingExperiments.com has published extensive new research taken from discoveries made by our parent company, MECLABS Institute. Read on to discover the most popular subjects that were featured in the MarketingExperiments blog.

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10 Actionable Marketing Blog Posts You Missed in 2015

The Unbounce marketing team has both written and read tons of actionable, thought-provoking marketing blog posts this year. We’ve selected the crème de la crème — posts that are the exact remedy to get your brain stimulated and on track for 2016.

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16 Posts That’ll Make You Excited to Be a Writer in 2016

Let me guess… At least one of your New Year’s resolutions relates to your writing. Am I right? Maybe you’ve decided to commit to a daily writing practice. Or set your sights on a specific writing goal, to be achieved no matter what. Or committed to launching a blog to showcase your writing to a(...)

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