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How to Use CallRail to Attribute Phone Calls Back to Your Landing Pages

Your AdWords campaigns often result in phone call inquiries, which can be especially lucrative because prospects are often already at the bottom of the funnel if they reach out. But without proper tracking in place, you'll never know whether calls are actually resulting in sales. Luckily, there's a solution — and it can tell you which ads, landing pages and keywords and working best.

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10 Tried and True Tactics for Getting Your First Coaching Client

You’ve seen their posts on social media… Bloggers boasting about their multiple six-figure coaching businesses, telling you how much they love their work, their clients, and their lives. They tell the tales of their premium coaching packages and the waiting list of clients eager to whip out their credit card. It seems like an awesome(...)

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The Hypothesis and the Modern-Day Marketer

How can you be so certain you’re creating the most effective marketing offers and messages? Simply put, no one can. However, instead of seeking an answer to your marketing challenges, what if you focused on the right question instead? And used your A/B testing, data and analytics to answer that question to better serve customers and ultimately increase conversion. This MarketingExperiments blog post shows you how.

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Data-Backed Advice for High-Converting Real Estate Landing Page Design [+ FREE TEMPLATE]

Our design team analyzed our highest-converting customer landing pages and conversion benchmark data to determine what design and copy elements convert best in the Real Estate industry. Here are their key findings (and a landing page template they modelled off of them).

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How We Repeatedly Launch 6-Figure Courses With Just 2 People

We just wrapped up sales for 10x Emails Mastery, a digital self-paced course on writing the most effective sales emails. The course trains freelance and in-house copywriters, growth consultants, online coaches and digital product entrepreneurs on how to write emails that convert. W00t! It’s probably the 10th product launch for Copy Hackers in the past 4 […]

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