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The Question of Asking Questions

"Want to sell more books?" vs "Hi, I'm Tim Grahl" - these two headlines were split-test against one another on a pop-up. In this post, you'll see which one outperformed the other and, importantly, why that might have been.

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Why You’re Wasting Your Welcome Email (and What to Do About It)

Well, you finally did it. You created an email list for your blog. That means you’re now converting casual visitors into something far more valuable – subscribers. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? It should. You’re building a loyal audience who actively wants to hear from you. An audience you can reach at will, instead of(...)

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4 Ways to Slash Comment Spam (Before It Kills Your Blog)

It’s a Monday morning, and you’re sitting down with your first cup of coffee. You open up your blog, and you’re excited to see that someone commented on your latest post. “Fantastic!” you think. “I’m finally starting to get some traction with my site!” Then you look closer, and you slam your coffee mug down(...)

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7 Warning Signs You’re Suffering from Small List Syndrome

Never heard of it, right? You might even think I’m pulling your leg. Honestly, I wish I was. I wish this entire post was just a tasteless joke written for my own amusement. But it’s not. The truth is Small List Syndrome is real, although I’m just now coining the term. I’ve watched it spread(...)

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing Irresistible Subheads

Note from Glen: You know a post is truly valuable when it remains useful long after publication. Gary’s post is a perfect example — I refer writers to it all the time. While a great headline will attract readers to your post, you’ll need great subheads to keep them there. Enjoy! You know you’re in(...)

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The Diva List, Or How I Found Happiness As A Freelance Copywriter

You've heard the saying, "The client turns on the lights." That old idea makes your work feel less than valuable. As much as our clients make it possible for us to have a thriving business, we too make it possible for their businesses to thrive. Read this post to see how you can make yourself more desirable to prospective clients - so the convo isn't about who's helping whom more... but rather how they can hire you to work for them STAT.

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