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A Christmas Carol for Bloggers Everywhere

A smart blogger once said you shouldn’t publish new content during the holidays. And while that’s great advice, sometimes you have to break the rules and do something simply for the joy of it. So here’s a familiar Christmas carol remixed for bloggers everywhere. I hope you enjoy it. 12 Days of Christmas (The Blogger’s(...)

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Finding Inspiration to Write Unbeatable Copy for Landing Pages

Any copywriter knows that writing landing page copy is an art form in and of itself. Just like any other artist, copywriters need inspiration — a muse of sorts — to craft copy that is truly amazing, rather than just formulaic.

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Mystery Marketing: 3 takeaways from cryptic marketing strategies

In this social media age that marketers find themselves in, the nature of the game has changed. Customers now have the ability to become involved with brands in a way that they never have been before. Read on to learn three ways to approach creating a successful cryptic marketing campaign that will involve your customers in a unique way.

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10 Free Marketing Ebooks That Will Make You a Better Marketer in 2016

The holidays are a time for decompressing, spending time with loved ones and overeating. But they’re also a time to clear your mind and make way for new resolutions and new beginnings. So why not curl up by the fire with your e-reader and read one of these actionable marketing ebooks?

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Keep it Simple, Make it Personal and Other Marketing Lessons Learned in 2015

There will always be new marketing technologies, strategies and tactics that promise to lure more customers. But what remains constant is that, no matter the tool or technique, marketing must communicate the value that the customer want. Find out how the five most important MarketingExperiments discoveries this year show that no matter how much marketing tools change, smart marketing stays the same.

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Why Collecting Data Is the Most Important Part of Lead Generation

How do you ensure your lead generation meets the needs of the people who might become long-term customers? It all comes down to one thing: creating data-driven personas.

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