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A 34-Point Checklist for Creating a Case Study that Converts

Turning prospects into paying customers is a tricky task, but a well crafted case study can help. By showing your prospects that you led another customer to a solution that changed their business for the better, you can ease opt-in anxiety. Sound like something you wanna do, but not sure where to start? Don't freak — we got you covered.

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6 Things I Learned from Analyzing the Most Shared Blog Posts from Top Content Marketers

Do you stay up at night wondering how to boost your social shares? Are you tired of so-called experts telling you how to improve your content, but without any data to back it up? Don't worry, this isn't another one of those infomercial-esque posts with all the hype and none of the follow-through (we're looking at you, Shake Weight). This is data-driven advice based on real-life social share counts from top marketing blog posts. Whether your content strategy is non-existent or just lacking, these no-gimmick tips will get you results, shipping included.

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7 Emails You Should Send Your Subscribers (But Probably Don’t)

Annoying as hell, isn’t it? When a guy who launched his first blog a couple of months ago is already getting dozens of comments and hundreds of shares anytime he posts something new. While over in your world, a comment from someone not related to you is still a huge win. What’s he doing differently?(...)

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Why Branding and PPC Go Together Like PB&J [PODCAST]

Branding isn’t just about which colors you’re using in your logo and on your business cards — it’s an indispensable part of your marketing that can have a serious impact on conversions. In this episode of the Call to Action podcast, we talk about how to optimize your brand from a conversion standpoint, and improve how you present your business in pay-per-click ads.

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