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Product Marketing Lessons Learned: An Interview with Shopify’s Hana Abaza [Video]

Hana Abaza runs the marketing show over at Shopify Plus, the enterprise arm of e-commerce software giant Shopify. In the interview, we unpack some of the ways they’re increasing product awareness and adoption of a new product – including the genesis of the idea for Shopify Plus, and some product marketing lessons learned.

We also talk about MacGyvering, crazy startup ideas, and a ton of resources you can use for your own product marketing efforts.

Watch My Interview with Hana Abaza on Product Marketing Lessons Learned


Show Notes

Here are all the resources we talked about:

  1. 09:03 Jobs to be Done (JTBD) Framework | Framework
  2. 15:45 Product adoption tips
    Some of Hana’s presentation slides.
  3. |982bafd5326ec906dbff79ade6709587|
    How Shopify leveraged their partners to create content to influence organic search for a new product.
  4. |7e70c22cc807c3dfdab3b67760f9e1f5|
    Is it harder or easier to market an enterprise product when you only have a demo request?
  5. |e63389c167c57cb6a2135cd0170938d9|
  6. |4de7bd8a6a8cfa414887feaea387da73|
  7. |f1b93cc5c83ebdef4ca9dce261fbc054|
  8. |26451d8f00ffa9901510ae10b797e19e|
  9. |22d93266f81738a506fbf21f28c6a712|
    The Unpublished David Ogilvy.
  10. |d7ceee33b57b4cafa6875da89278449e|
    What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese!

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