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6 Landing Page Video Worst Practices to Avoid (And What to Do Instead)

Search "video best practices" and you're bound to unearth a plethora of helpful results. That's all fine and dandy, but how do you know your landing page video is the best it can be... if you don't also know worst practices to avoid? Lucky for you, we've got you covered, with the top 6 landing page video no-nos, and how to make 'em right.

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How Unbounce’s Marketing Team Grew From 1 to 31 [PODCAST]

As the first full-stack marketer hired at Unbounce, Georgiana Laudi wore many, many hats. What did she learn watching the marketing team grow from one to 30 employees? Find out in this episode of the Call to Action podcast.

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Larry Kim’s Approach to Personalizing PPC Campaigns [WEBINAR]

In our latest webinar, Larry Kim of WordStream declared that there’s no excuse for neglecting to create targeted pay-per-click ads — especially when you’re equipped with five of his favorite PPC personalization hacks. Are you using the one he calls “the most interesting AdWords feature in the last 10 years”?

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2015 Testing Year in Review: 12 months of macro- and micro-yes experiments

In this post we examine tests that use both KPI macro-yes(s) (conversions) and micro-yes(s) (clickthrough).

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The 4-Hour Website Optimization Challenge: What Would the Experts Do?

There are no hacks when it comes to conversion rate optimization. No shortcuts. Just hard work and continuous testing, analyzing and iterating. But few of us have the time to plan and execute a proper strategy — even if we do have the necessary skills and resources in place. So we asked the experts: Is it possible to generate a sustainable lift for a website in just a few hours? Their answers might surprise and inspire you.

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How to Get More Traffic from Every Post by Republishing on Medium

Let’s face it. Getting traffic to your blog is a lot of work. In fact, more work than you ever imagined. But when it’s time to write a new post, you can’t just type until you hit your word count and then click “publish.” Your words have to be brilliant. Well-researched. Engaging. And getting people(...)

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