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Hook ‘Em: The 4-Point Approach to Writing an Effective Blog Post for Your Business

In a time when people's attention spans are less than that of a goldfish, your content needs to be the juiciest worm in the water. Seems like a whale of a task, right? Let us break it down for you with this easy-to-replicate four-point approach. Hook, line and sinker!

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10 Landing Page Samples That Pissed Me Off and What I’d Do to Fix Them

Crappy landing page designs got you feeling down? Non-existent message match making you queasy? We feel you. Get landing page dos and don’ts, straight from optimization guru Oli Garder as he deconstructs real-life landing page samples. Careful, though — it’s not pretty.

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Check It Twice: The importance of editing ads

Copy editing can sometimes be an afterthought with some companies. Whenever you are producing content and campaigns for customers, make sure that it goes through a heavy round of editing to ensure your brand doesn't gain unwanted attention for mistakes.

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Get Better Results for Your Clients: Register for Digital Agency Day [FREE]

Catching those qualified leads and helping businesses grow, the digital agency is a force to be reckoned with. Which is why on Thursday, January 28th, 2016, Unbounce and HubSpot are hosting the first annual Digital Agency Day, a full-day event dedicated solely to building your agency’s superhero utility belt and getting better results for your clients.

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How I Wrote Posts That Touched the Hearts of More Than 5 Million People

You know that feeling you get right before you publish a post? The angel on one shoulder says you’ve written a post of enormous importance and depth, one that will change the lives of your readers forever. Meanwhile, the devil on the other shoulder calls you a halfwit with the writing talent of a chimpanzee(...)

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Incentive: Cause marketing generates 7x more revenue than price discounts for toy manufacturer

Does cause marketing provide a more effective incentive than offering discounts? Read on to learn about a toy manufacturer that used an incentive to drive revenue.

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