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How Personality Affects Website Preferences

We know that different personalities prefer different images and messages in ads. Personalizing ads based on personality can yield a high return on your marketing investment. Read on to learn the sites that different personalities prefer.

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Fluff is Thy Foe: 6 Insurance Landing Page Examples & Critiques

Why are marketers so often tempted to write wishy-washy copy or "jazz up" pages with lazy stock imagery? Fluff is what we reach for when we're not sure what to say or do, but it's a perfect example of more sometimes being worse than less. Look no further than these six insurance landing page examples, which will show you the fluffiest pitfalls to avoid in your next campaign.

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9 Surefire Strategies for Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness

It feels just like struggling to solve a 24,000-piece jigsaw puzzle, doesn’t it? Connecting everything you’ve heard about building a popular blog. Advice about headlines, design, writing, promotion, outreach – the list never ends. And all the while you feel like nobody truly cares about your blog. The big names in your niche get hundreds(...)

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Email Capture Optimized: How one small change led to a 364% increase in leads

Want customers’ emails? Make sure your visitors perceive that it’s worth it to give it to you. This article tells how one small change accomplished that and more than tripled email capture.

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7 Ways Bigshot Companies Delight Customers With Email

If prospects trust you enough to give you their email, you should strive to delight them as you would a friend. Here are seven ways big companies are making their emails feel more like personal correspondence and less like obnoxious marketing.

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The Honor of Marketing: Connecting real people to real value

What comes to mind when you think about marketing? Or better yet, what comes to mind for others when they think about marketing? Read on to discover why marketing is so important to connecting real people to real value.

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