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Customer Co-Production: How one furniture company tested self-assembly messaging to enhance value and reduce frustration

Read on to learn from a study by a furniture industry comparing the effects of two marketing communication strategies to mitigate customer frustration with the co-production process.

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Discover the Power of the “Only-Factor” to Drive Conversion

Find out how exploiting your “Only-Factor” can drive remarkable lifts in conversions.

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Product Marketing is the New Content Marketing [PODCAST]

Your audience doesn't care about your product — they care about how it'll impact their lives. In this episode of the Call to Action podcast, Gregory Ciotti explains how you can provide value to prospects without tiptoeing around what you actually sell.

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Aristotle: The OG of Landing Page Optimization

He's arguably one of the most persuasive men in history, and he rocked a dress before Jaden Smith was even a twinkle in Will's eye. No, we're not talking about Kanye — we're talking about Aristotle. And despite the fact that he lived long before the invention of the modern computer, Aristotle can teach us a few things about landing page optimization and how to effectively persuade your visitors to click your CTA.

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Exclusivity: Does your product and offer stand out from the competition?

What makes or breaks a startup company? One key element is an effective value proposition. Read on to learn how to effectively use your value proposition.

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This 1960s Statistician Can Teach You Everything You Need to Know About the Fundamentals of A/B Testing

J. Stuart Hunter is one of the most influential statisticians of the last half of the twentieth century. Watch some of his experimental designs for a business model that he recorded in the 1960s to learn what we mean when we say "scientifically valid experiments."

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