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Customer-centric Marketing: How market research and listening to customers informs website optimization

This week, our sister company MarketingSherpa has a team of reporters at IRCE 2016, hosting the official Media Center of the ecommerce event. Courtney Eckerle, Senior Managing Editor, MarketingSherpa, sat down with Matt Clark, Global Head of eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Newark element14, to discuss how marketers can watch and listen to their customers to discover pain points on their sites and in their purchase funnels.

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Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some trends are great (e.g., food trucks). Others are not (e.g., man buns). To know which trends to hang onto and which to ditch, you’re gonna need to test ‘em. This rule applies to web design and UX trends on your landing pages, too. Not sure what to test? Perfect! The folks at The Deep End Design have compiled a comprehensive infographic detailing design and UX trends shown to boost conversions — use it as a jumping off point for your own A/B tests!

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The 3 copywriting principles we followed to 2x SweatBlock.com’s revenue

How do you write home page copy that could possibly double the revenue for your site? In this post, we show you the 3 core copywriting principles we followed to optimize the home page copy for SweatBlock.com. So your copy actually stands a chance of connecting with prospects. And converting them to paying customers.

The post The 3 copywriting principles we followed to 2x SweatBlock.com’s revenue appeared first on .

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[NEW E-ZINE] Humanizing Marketing in an Increasingly Automated World

As our jobs become reliant upon analytics and algorithm-based machine learning systems, some marketers worry that we’re losing our human touch. In Unbounce’s new e-magazine, we explore the world of machine learning, analytics and automation to answer the question: can creativity jive with data to create better marketing experiences?

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Eight Lessons from the Father of Data-obsessed Marketing

With digital marketing comes data. Lots and lots of data to learn from. But taking a rigorous approach to marketing is nothing new. In fact, we can learn a lot by seeing how lessons from one of the pioneers of advertising can be applied today.

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10 Posts That’ll Instantly Put You in the Top 1% of Traffic Experts

Look, I get it. You want more traffic. (Just like every other blogger on the planet.) But here’s the big question: Do you actually deserve more traffic? You see, traffic doesn’t care how much you want it. It doesn’t care how long you’ve waited. Traffic only comes to those who truly commit to understanding how(...)

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