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For More Meaningful Copy, Think Like a Fiction Writer

What makes a story great is not the happy ending, the romance or even when the hero overthrows the villain. A great story is one that takes the reader on a transformative journey. And great copy? Well it does that, too. By leveraging the core elements of a great story, you can craft persuasive and gripping copy that promises transformation… all the reader has to do is click that CTA.

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2015 Year in Testing: Lessons on value copy and friction

As part of his 2015 Year in Testing blog series, Micah Shull, Test Database Specialist, MECLABS Institute, digs into our testing library from last year and analyzes tests centered on value copy and friction.

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Does Paid Search Work for B2B Marketing?

Destroying money is a federal offence. If you're a B2B company, that’s exactly what you’re doing by running paid search campaigns without a strategy. Ouch! That said, the right approach can lead you down a path of high ROI... and away from a life lived in unflattering orange jumpsuits.

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How to Profile Your Ideal Reader with (Perfectly Legal) Surveillance

You’ve heard it countless times. Know your readers. That’s the secret to creating a blog that thrives. But if you’re just starting out, there’s a problem with that advice: How can you get to know your readers when you don’t have an audience yet? Maybe you’re at the beginning of your blogging journey, with no(...)

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Value Proposition: Avoiding the curse of the ‘Why Bother Brand’

Does your brand deliver unique value in the marketplace? If so, do potential consumers understand the exclusive value? Or do they consider your brand a replica of other offerings, with no real reason to buy from you. Read on to learn how to better communicate your brand’s value to potential customers.

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An Infographic About Infographics (We Need to Go Deeper)

Infographics are easy to digest and even easier to share — which is why people love them. But if you're going to put effort into making one, you want to be sure you're getting more bang for your buck. What better way to learn about awesome infographics than with an awesome infographic?

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