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Do Video Backgrounds Help or Hurt Conversions?

Not everything that glitters is gold. Video backgrounds are the new shiny thing in website design, but do they work for landing pages? Yes... and no. After some initial testing, we've put together some best practices for using video backgrounds on your landing pages. Check 'em out before jumping on the bandwagon.

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Value Force: How to win on value proposition and not just price

Having trouble creating a value proposition for a commodity product? In this blog post, we answer one reader’s question to help you move beyond competing solely on price.

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Why Your Blog Needs a Tagline (and How to Create the Perfect One)

Does your blog attract embarrassingly few readers? And do you struggle to convert any of them into loyal subscribers? The fact is, even if your content rocks, you could still be driving people away by neglecting one simple thing. If a key element on your blog is either inadequate — or missing entirely —  visitors(...)

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The Charm of Three: How people process positive claims in persuasion messages

How many positive claims should brands use to produce the most favorable impression of a product or service? Despite the logic that more positive claims about an object should lead to better impressions, a 2014 study found that when people are faced with messages they know are made to persuade (like most marketing communications), they have limited patience for positive claims.

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11 Ways to Accelerate Page Load Time Before Your Prospects Bounce

People these days are impatient. They get distracted easily, they don't — SQUIRREL! The point is: If your page isn't loading quick enough, people will bounce. So if you want your incredible value prop to get read, take heed of these 11 speed hacks.

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9 Design Resources to Improve Your Campaigns (And Your Relationship with Your Designer)

You certainly wouldn’t chill without Netflix, so why would you spend hours on your marketing copy without considering effective design? We’ve curated our top 9 fave design resources (posts, SlideShares, ebooks, etc.) which will not only boost your design knowledge, but also endear you to your designers. Read ‘em all on a at once or bookmark ‘em for later.

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