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Trapped by Anonymity in the Freedom Economy? A 6-Part Guide to Freelancer Self-Promotion

Freelance copywriters struggle to ask for what they're worth and get paid. Sound familiar? In this post, Alaura Weaver describes the 6 steps she's taken to turn her career from way off track (i.e., charging 2 cents a word) to earning thousands per project. All without using Upwork and such services. Read it now and take notes!

The post Trapped by Anonymity in the Freedom Economy? A 6-Part Guide to Freelancer Self-Promotion appeared first on Copywriting For Start-ups And Marketers.

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Data Analysis 101: How a nonprofit used data to secure a critical business decision and help find 125 missing children

Getting an essential decision from a manager, client, or business partner to go your way can be vital to the ultimate success of your marketing plans. In this post, we take a look at a basic data story to extract some larger principles on how you can use data to secure the decisions you need.

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The Ultimate Content Machine: How We Used Google Docs to Develop 307,000 Words of Spectacular Content

Know what’s tougher than creating great content? Creating it at scale. But that’s exactly what’s needed if you’re serious about building a popular blog. And almost every successful blogger reaches a point where they realize they can’t do it alone. (After all, how many large blogs can you name where the owner still writes every(...)

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Selling the Click vs. Selling the Product: Which Strategy is More Effective for a Text-Based PPC Ad?

Ad text optimization can drive massive ROI. Here's how one text ad generated a 102% increase in conversion for an event-based organization.

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A 2-Week Publishing Hiatus to Make Our Blog Better (We Need Your Help!)

We want to take the Unbounce blog to the next level, so we're pausing content production to work on optimization experiments that we think will result in huge wins. We could really use your help in making the blog more awesome — could you fill in this three-minute survey about what you’d like to see more of?

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Stephen King’s 20 Tips for Becoming a Frighteningly Good Writer

Have you ever wished you could peer inside the mind of one of the greatest writers in the world and find out exactly what makes them tick? Well… here’s your chance. Stephen King has published 57 novels, all of them bestsellers. He has sold more than 350 million copies of his works. According to Forbes,(...)

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