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Over 16 years of Internet Marketing experience with focus on list building. Enjoy sharing ideas with other marketers.

Ecommerce Marketing Research: To be truly successful, you must step out of the ecommerce bubble

Ecommerce sales are growing, and yet most shopping is still done offline. Ecommerce still only represents seven percent of all retail sales. Read on to learn what ecommerce brands can learn from offline retail locations.

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How Mobile Transformed PPC Marketing in 2015

Cost-per-click is skyrocketing industry-wide, searches on desktop are going down, and advertising behemoths like Facebook and Google are churning out new advertising features at breakneck pace. The cause is simple: people are spending more time on mobile devices than ever before. But you can adapt and reap the rewards.

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How Agencies Can Use Branded Content Marketing to Stand Out from the Crowd

As an agency, you spend much of your time thinking about how to spread awareness about your client’s brand — but how much time do you spend doing the same for your agency? Learn how many agencies are seeing results by publishing branded content.

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Warning: Ignoring These 7 WordPress Plugins Could Seriously Damage Your Blog

No doubt you’ve seen them. The eye-catching posts that promise to reveal the 5, or 10 or even 57 WordPress plugins you absolutely must use on your blog. You click the headlines and scroll through the posts, your jaw hanging open at the seemingly endless opportunities to transform your blog. And inevitably, you find yourself(...)

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Personality-Matched Ads: How Hilton Worldwide effectively personalized its marketing messages

From previous posts on Big Five personality research in marketing we know that different personalities prefer different images and messages in ads. Personalizing ads based on personality can yield a high return on your marketing investment. Read on to learn from a study comparing the clickthrough rates of personality-matched Facebook ads to the benchmark clickthrough rate in the traveling category.

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Why Your Copy Needs to Pick a Fight with the Other Guy (Instead of Smiling and Shrugging)

The Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel campaign is the most recent of many comparative advertising campaigns that call out competitors directly. We've found that the benefits of writing copy that picks a fight with your competitors far outweighs the challenges. In this post, see the studies and examples that will help you decide: should your copy pick a fight?

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