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Over 16 years of Internet Marketing experience with focus on list building. Enjoy sharing ideas with other marketers.

WTF Are Hedonic Shoppers and Why Should You Care?

Some of us online shop only for the necessities. Toilet paper, toothpaste, new soccer cleats... the list goes on. Others, though, are motivated by other reasons, like knowing they have the latest and greatest computer or the fuzzy feeling they get when they give a loved one a thoughtful gift. The latter group are called hedonic shoppers, and they can be a tricky group to convert. But it's not impossible — it just takes a little metaphoric elbow grease, of which we have lots to share.

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Consumer Reports Value Proposition Test: What you can learn from a 29% drop in clickthrough

Last month, we asked you, the readers of the MarketingExperiments blog, to write the most effective copy for a Consumer Reports email in a way that could also test which value factors were most appealing to Consumer Reports donors. Read on to learn the results of the live test conducted at MarketingSherpa Summit 2016.

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7 Warning Signs Your Free WordPress Theme is Sabotaging Your Blog

You know exactly how it happened. When you set up your blog, you installed a free WordPress theme and told yourself it was “just until you have a few readers.” You had every intention of upgrading to a premium theme down the line. But months or even years later, you’re still cruising along on a(...)

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Copywriting: 3 tips for optimizing your next direct mail campaign

It might come as a surprise, but according to research conducted by our sister site MarketingSherpa, 54% of U.S. consumers would prefer to receive regular updates and promotions in the mail. That’s the highest percentage of any other method. Read on to learn three ways to optimize your direct mail campaign.

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Facebook Canvas: The What, Why, How and Who Cares?

Facebook Canvas has marketers everywhere humming hallelujah. But is it worthy of all the hoopla? After some intense digging, we've got the answer for you. And if the very mention of Facebook Canvas has you wondering, "What are this?" then don't worry, we've got the answer to that, too.

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What 6+ Years of Landing Page Optimization Taught Oli Gardner [VIDEO]

When you’ve seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet, the things you learn start to color your experience of the entire world — from hardware store visits to interactions with your boo. In this special video edition of the Call to Action podcast, Oli Gardner of Unbounce tells all about what 6+ years of landing page optimization has taught him about marketing (and life).

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