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Over 16 years of Internet Marketing experience with focus on list building. Enjoy sharing ideas with other marketers.

Clinton vs. Trump: 18 CROs Tear Down the Highest Stakes Marketing Campaigns in US History

No matter who you’re voting for in the 2016 US election, we can all agree on one thing: more than ever before, campaigning has become digital. We’re talking pop-up CTAs, Twitter campaigns and fast-paced optimization. In fact, digital marketers can learn a lot about each candidate’s campaign funnels, which is why we’re tearing them down for you (with the help of 18 expert CROs). Take a look for yourself, and get inspired for your next optimization experiment.

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Master the Multi-Channel Campaign [Free Digital Campaign Launch Kit]

Ever set out to launch an epic multi-channel campaign, but get bogged down by bottlenecks and poor planning? We get it — we’ve been there too. Don’t fret! We have just the solution for you: a complete Digital Campaign Launch Kit. Not only will the projections worksheet and marketing brief help to clarify your end goal, they’ll also save you and your teammates some heartache.

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Making Marketing Analytics as Simple as 1, 2, 3

Every smart marketer on the planet gets just how important data is in marketing. But answer me these questions, and answer them honestly: Do you know how to analyze your marketing data? Do you know how to use your analyses to improve your results? During his presentation at Call To Action Conference, co-founder of Orbit … Continued

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How to Run Your First Webinar (with No Skills, No Stress and No Budget)

It’s just too scary, isn’t it? You see all those fancy schmantzy bloggers offering webinars. And everyone and their cat is queuing up to watch them. They have the authority; they get the attention. Yes, I bet it’s crossed your mind to do it too. After all, webinars are supposed to be the hottest thing(...)

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Simple Recipes for No-Fail Landing Page Copy [+ Free Downloadable Worksheet]

Did you know? Writing landing page copy is a lot like baking. Just like your grandma's famous double chocolate chip cake, effective landing page copy relies on very specific formulas and ratios to get it right — not to dense, not too fluffy. These no-fail formulas might not taste as good as grandma's baking, but they're sure to win you some conversions — and that's the icing on the cake.

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The History of Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content marketing isn’t new — in fact, it dates back to the 18th century, when none other than Ben Franklin began publishing his annual Poor Richard’s Almanack. Uncover 300 years of rich content marketing history (before content marketing was cool) in this infographic by the folks over at Content Marketing Institute.

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