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Henry Lake

Over 16 years of Internet Marketing experience with focus on list building. Enjoy sharing ideas with other marketers.

8 Overlay Examples to Inspire More Clicks, Sales & Signups [FREE LOOKBOOK]

Want to inspire more conversions with your overlays? Our free Overlay Lookbook is chock full of beautiful, Unbounce-built overlays (from companies like 15Five, Hotjar, Shopify Plus and more) to get those creative juices — and conversions — flowing.

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7 Ways You Can Repurpose Your Old Blog Posts to Get More Traffic

Note from Glen: I’m delighted to introduce Smart Blogger’s new Associate Editor, Robert van Tongeren. Robert’s been behind the scenes for a couple of years now, most recently as the lead instructor and editor for our Guest Blogging program. But this month he’s taking over editorial responsibilities on the blog – congratulations Robert! I’ll be(...)

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What Makes a Conversion Optimizer? 8 Experts on Separating the Pros from the Pretenders

Conversion optimization is big business, and the online world is awash with “experts.” Spotting the fakes is hard — anyone can call themselves a Conversion Rate Optimizer (CRO), but it takes a very specific skill set to actually be one. So whether you’re looking to hire a CRO or to wear the title yourself, we asked 8 legit CRO experts what it actually takes.

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Landing Page Optimization: Customer service can be a treasure trove of ideas for LPO

Landing page optimization requires mind reading to a certain extent. What do customers want? And how can your landing page provide that information so you can ultimately get what you want as well — namely, a conversion.There are many ways to play mind reader that are popular with CRO experts, but in this post, we wanted to bring your attention to an overlooked source of wisdom that is freely available — customer service interactions

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Wow Your Clients, Grow Your Agency – Register for Digital Agency Day 2017

What if there was an entire day dedicated to learning about the latest tactics for growing your agency and wowing your clients? Where you could rub shoulders with digital marketing experts from top agencies as well as Google, LinkedIn and AdRoll — all from the comfort of your desk? Oh wait...

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Increase Conversions by Improving the Clarity of Your Value Proposition

In a world where everything is vying for your attention, the Conversion Centered Design principle of Clarity will help you write copy that quickly and effectively communicates the campaign value proposition.

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