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Over 21 years of Internet Marketing experience with focus on list building. Enjoy sharing ideas with other marketers.

How Your PPC Strategy Should Differ on the AdWords Search VS Display Network

You may have mastered the art of advertising on the AdWords Search Network, but not all tactics perform equally on all PPC channels. If the Display Network is uncharted territory for you, here's how you should adjust your PPC strategy to get the results you want.

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When Not to Optimize: Getting into the high-performance zone for conversion optimization

While optimizing an insurance company's homepage, we realize that time would be better spent building a new page from scratch.

The post When Not to Optimize: Getting into the high-performance zone for conversion optimization appeared first on MarketingExperiments.

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What the Heck Is Ghostwriting? (And Why You Might Want to Do It)

You want to make money as a writer, right? You’ve told everyone on Facebook (including your weird aunt) that you’re available to write. You’ve been writing guest post after guest post to showcase your talent and get your name out there. Maybe you’ve even landed a few jobs already. (Good for you!) But then a(...)

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Master Your Next Feature Launch: How Vimeo Uses Unbounce Landing Pages to Go to Market Faster

In an increasingly saturated competitive landscape, brands need to be able to launch new features and products quickly — without bottlenecks. This is the story of how Vimeo has mastered the art of going to market with new products on time and on budget (and how your marketing team can do the same).

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Seeing Diminishing Returns in AdWords? Here Are 5 Advanced Optimization Tactics

Optimizing your AdWords account got you feeling a bit like Sisyphus? If you're seeing diminishing returns in AdWords, get creative with these five advanced optimization strategies.

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Optimizing Homepages: How a clear objective can increase conversion

In this Quick Win Clinic, Flint McGlaughlin looks at a homepage submitted by Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity that has no clear objective. Its visitors become lost somewhere in between the disjointed pictures, ads, video and phrases. Watch now to get ideas for clarifying a homepage's objective to increase clicks and performance.

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