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Henry Lake

Over 16 years of Internet Marketing experience with focus on list building. Enjoy sharing ideas with other marketers.

Optimizing Homepages: How a clear objective can increase conversion

In this Quick Win Clinic, Flint McGlaughlin looks at a homepage submitted by Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity that has no clear objective. Its visitors become lost somewhere in between the disjointed pictures, ads, video and phrases. Watch now to get ideas for clarifying a homepage's objective to increase clicks and performance.

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3 Ideas to Steal from Unbounce’s Hyper-Personalized Customer Marketing Campaign

Personalizing your marketing campaigns makes prospects feel special... and it can positively impact your campaign KPIs as well. Feeling those warm fuzzies yet? Here's how Unbounce created ultra-personalized messages for an audience of 10K+ customers.

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Join 14 Performance Marketing Experts for PPC Week, August 14-18

What if you could learn the favorite PPC strategies of fourteen of the smartest minds in performance marketing, hailing from LinkedIn, AdFury, Optmyzr and more? Better yet, what if you could do it for free, from the comfort of your desk (or couch)? PPC Week is a free five-day event that helps marketers master paid search and social marketing so they can get an edge on the competition and generate better results. Register inside.

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Effective CTAs: How the thought sequence of a call-to-action affects landing page performance

In this Quick Win Clinic, Flint McGlaughlin optimizes a webpage that provides marriage counseling. The CTA is in a prominent position but fails to achieve significant conversion because the micro-yes sequence was ignored.

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The Brutally Honest Guide to Being Brutally Honest

It’s scary, isn’t it? Having to tell a truth to someone who may not want to hear it. Whether you have to tell a friend they’ve been betrayed, inform a client that their ideas suck, or write a blog post to burst your reader’s bubble, hard truths can feel almost as painful to deliver as(...)

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Great Designers Steal: Where Indochino, Wistia, Webistry and Unbounce Source PPC Display Ad Inspiration

Designing click-worthy display ads is no small feat; when was the last time you clicked on one? We asked experienced marketers and designers where they steal inspiration for super-clickable ads — and we've compiled their advice and favorite resources for you to steal, too.

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